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Movie Posters Reimagined for Another Time and Place

Movie posters–they sure don’t make ’em like they used to. The movie poster was once a key piece of a film’s promotion; a film’s identity, even. Nowadays, though, it’s just a bunch of photoshopped images of the actor’s faces floating in space, or maybe the main character with his back to the viewer, making sure you can check out his or her amazing ass. I’m not such an old fart that I’d ever say they don’t make great movies anymore…but I am enough of one to say they don’t make great movie posters.

Unless, of course, they come from fans. Alternate movie posters that reject the cheap-o Photoshop aesthetic of modern day movie offerings have become huge sellers for companies like Mondo, and that’s just one example. Now a designer/illustrator named Peter Stults has done a series of movie posters for modern films (as well as a few classics) and given them the old school Hollywood poster treatment. He’s named his series “What If? Movies Reimagined for Another Time and Place.

Among his pieces, Stults has reimagines such modern movies as The Martian as it would have been if it had come out in 1974, when it would have starred Robert Redford and been direted by Sydney Pollack; or Guardians of the Galaxy, as it might have looked as mid-’80s Star Wars knock-off starring Michael Jackson. Maybe my favorite of all of Stult’s reimaginings has to be the Alien series, if it had come out about a decade earlier, and starred Pam Grier as Ripley instead of Sigourney Weaver. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind visiting the alternate universe where that’s a real thing.

You can see a selection of Peter Stult’s reimagined posters in our gallery below, but to see all the images in his What If? series, be sure to check out his collection of work at Behance.

What do you think of these classic films having their posters get the “remix” treatment? And what do you think of the sad state of movie posters today? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Images: Peter Stults


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