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Movie Morsels: Jack Reacher Returns

It’s Wednesday, and the week is nearly over! But first, we’ve got a fresh edition of Movie Morsels to start off your day. Kicking things off is the Jack Reacher sequel, which finally has a name. Then, Star Wars: The Force Awakens dominates movie ticket pre-sales before we examine featurettes from Spectre and Creed. We’ve also got the latest word from 2016’s biggest comic book movies: Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Captain America: Civil War.

Let’s go!


Jack Reacher

The sequel to 2012’s Jack Reacher has started production, with Tom Cruise once again in the title role. While the first Jack Reacher was directed by Cruise’s frequent collaborator, Christopher McQuarrie, the sequel will be helmed by Edward Zwick, who previously directed Cruise in The Last Samurai.

Jack Reacher 2 has also been officially titled Jack Reacher: Never Look Back, and it will be based on the 18th book in Lee Childs’ Jack Reacher series. Joining Cruise for the second movie are Cobie Smulders, Danika Yarosh, Austin Hebert, Patrick Heusinger, Aldis Hodge, and, Holt McCallany. That’s a pretty solid cast by any measure.

Jack Reacher: Never Look Back will be released on October 21, 2016.



Fans who catch Star Wars: The Force Awakens at AMC IMAX theaters will get the chance to pick up this pretty awesome poster. But the catch is that you have buy your ticket on any Sunday from December 20th until January 10th as part of AMC’s “Star Wars Sundays.” There will be four prints/posters in total. The first one (seen above) is by artist Dan Mumford, and it features Rey and BB-8 gazing at the crashed Imperial ships from the Battle of Jakku as the sun sets.

If you tried to buy a ticket to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens on opening weekend, you probably noticed that the major movie ticket sites like Fandango were crushed by the demand. If you missed your chance, hang tight. The movie will still be there the following week, but you may want to stay off social media for a while to avoid spoilers.




On November 6, Daniel Craig’s James Bond will be back in Spectre, as he takes on perhaps his most formidable enemies to date. But in a new featurette, Sony Pictures and MGM have put the spotlight on Sam Smith’s new Bond theme, “The Writing’s on the Wall.” And there is definitely some new Spectre footage in there, if you want to look for more hints about what 007 will encounter in his latest adventure.



In the span of 30 years, Sylvester Stallone starred in six Rocky films, with the franchise seemingly ending on 2006’s Rockey Balboa. And while Stallone will be back as Rocky in Creed this fall, the story of the new film is clearly on Michael B. Jordan’s shoulders as Adonis Creed, the son of Rocky’s rival-turned-friend, Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers).

A new video featurette from Creed explores the emotional bond between Adonis and Rocky, as director Ryan Coogler explains what the Rocky saga meant to him growing up and how this movie is a very personal tale.


Amy Adams Lois Lane

The early trailers for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice have made the film appear to be even darker than Man of Steel, which started the new DC film universe. But according Amy Adams, there will still be room for some humor in Batman v. Superman. While sharing her favorite scene in the movie with The Hollywood Reporter, Adams said, “I can’t give too much away, but I’m coming into a scene and Batman and Superman are both in the scene, so I can say that. And it was just fun. Because they had been working together for a couple weeks and just running it, seeing this dynamic. I’ll talk about this when we’re promoting the movie and we can tell more. But there were definitely funny moments involving bat-suits and such.”

[The Hollywood Reporter]


Daniel Bruhl

With all of the focus on Captain America vs. Iron Man, it’s easy to forget that Captain America: Civil War does have Daniel Brühl appearing as the classic Cap villain, Baron Zemo. But while the comic book incarnation of Zemo is seldom seen without his iconic mask, Brühl’s incarnation of the character won’t be covering his face.

“He does not wear the mask,” Brühl told Business Insider. “You would be surprised, it’s different than what you’d think. It’s loosely connected to this character. But that’s what I like about the Marvel guys, some of the characters and things they’re dealing with always reference to current events so my character is from a different area than you would think.”

Brühl also indicated that Zemo may appear in other Marvel Cinematic Universe films beyond this movie.

[Business Insider]

And that is a wrap for today’s Movie Morsels! Share your thoughts on today’s film news in the comment section below.

Featured Image: Paramount Pictures

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