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Movie Morsels: The Final STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS Trailer Arrives!

It’s Tuesday and time for another installment of Movie Morsels! Leading the menu of film news and previews is the very last theatrical trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. But I’m sure that Disney and Lucasfilm will release a few new TV spots for The Force Awakens before the film hits in two months.

Also on tap for today’s column, Channing Tatum has a new Gambit director in his sights, Underworld: The Next Generation gets underway, Vin Diesel has some Inhumans conditions, a very famous actress wants to return to the X-Men franchise, the secret of Chris Pratt’s Jurassic World prediction, and you won’t believe which Hollywood starlet almost starred in Showgirls.

Bring it!


Much like the planet-sized Death Star teased in the newest poster, there is no escape from the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer! The trailer made its debut last night during Monday Night Football, and it’s currently burning up the internet. Get ready for months of gifs, memes, and Vine posts based on this preview!

Or you could simply take control of your destiny and watch the trailer now! Star Wars: The Force Awakens will appear in theaters on Friday, December 18. But for the truly brave, there’s also a marathon of all 7 Star Wars films coming in December.



Channing Tatum 2

The Gambit film had a pretty big setback when Rupert Wyatt dropped out last month. But Gambit leading man, Channing Tatum, is reportedly pursuing Doug Liman as the new director for the X-Men spinoff film. Liman may not be well known to casual movie fans, but his resume as a director speaks for itself: Edge of Tomorrow, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and The Bourne Identity. Liman would be an excellent choice for the new Gambit movie, if he wants the gig.




The fifth Underworld movie has officially started production in the Czech capital with a new director, Anna Foerster, and Kate Beckinsale back for her fourth and potentially final film as Selene, the vampire death dealer who is now trapped in a future where both Lycans and vampires are hunted by humanity.

Beckinsale’s Underworld: Awakening costars Theo James and Charles Dance will also reprise their roles as David and Thomas, respectively. Sherlock’s Lara Pulver joins the film series as “an ambitious vampire” with Outlander standout Tobias Menzies appearing as “a formidable new Lycan leader.” Underworld: The Next Generation is expected in theaters on October 21, 2016.


Fast and Furious

Vin Diesel has made no secret about his desire to play Black Bolt in Marvel’s Inhumans movie. And what Vin Diesel wants, he usually gets. But, before one of the most popular action stars in the world joins the potential new franchise at Marvel Studios, he has a few conditions.

When speaking to MTV, Diesel said “It’s not a matter of me wooing Marvel, it’s a matter of Marvel wooing me. And I love them, but I’m just saying, show me a dope script and show me a great director, all of which I know that Kevin [Feige] is capable of, because he dazzled me when he suggested Groot. That was, like, profound to me.”

Sounds reasonable to us!

[MTV News]


Kitty Pryde

X-Men: Days of Future Past may be the last time we see several of the original trilogy’s cast in their iconic parts. But, if given the chance, Ellen Page is totally up to portray Kitty Pryde again!

“Would I be utterly delighted to continue playing Kitty Pryde? Yes. But I have no idea if [that’ll happen],” said Page during a recent interview. When asked if she wants a Kitty Pryde solo film, Page beamed and exclaimed “I would love it!” So would we!




There’s a video of Chris Pratt from his time on Parks and Recreation in which he claims to not be able to talk to Steven Spielberg about starring in Jurassic Park 4 years before Pratt went on to actually star in Jurassic World! In a special feature for the upcoming Jurassic World Blu-ray, Pratt finally addresses his previous video and explains that it was meant to be a self-deprecating joke instead of a prediction of the future.



Charlize Theron Dark Places

In 1995, Showgirls was an ‘erotic drama” that’s now considered to be a camp classic. And for better or worse, Showgirls has also come to define the career of its leading lady, Elizabeth Berkley after her long stint on Saved By The Bell. But Showgirls director Paul Verhoeven has revealed that another very well known actress coveted the part of Nomi – Charlize Theron!

“Charlize [Theron] also auditioned, and I don’t recall her having any problem with the nudity at all,’ recalled Verhoeven. “She was good and wanted the part, but basically she was not well known enough at the time and just did not fit the part, so we said no.”

All things considered, Theron seems to have come out ahead in the end.

[The New York Daily News]

And that’s a wrap for today’s Movie Morsels! Share your thoughts on today’s stories in the comment section below!

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