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MONDO’S Latest Show Highlights the Art of the Infographic

When it comes to celebrating pop culture art, very few outlets do it better than Mondo. Their latest art show is no exception. Teaming up with Info-Rama, Mondo’s next show at their Austin, TX-based gallery will focus on the the glory of the infographic. With stunning art by Kevin Tong, Tom Whalen, and Matt Taylor, the show will feature stats on properties like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Back to the Future, Star Wars, and the Avengers, all done in beautiful art pieces. The show will run from June 24 to July 9. Here’s a sampling of some of the great art you will see:

Star Wars

This first piece by Kevin Tong illustrates the different factions of the Empire’s forces. From Storm to Snow Troopers, this print will give you everything you need to know about how to miss every target you’re aiming at. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.


This print by Tom Whalen covers the ins and outs of the 1966 Batmobile, the best (you can NOT argue this with me) Batmobile of them all. Now, if only there was an infographic explaining how the Bat-Poles managed to change their costumes…


This last print by Matt Taylor is my persona favorite. It depicts the (almost) entire Avengers roster since its beginnings in 1963. I love how the circles are arranged by when their heroes were added to the team.

I can’t wait to see (and LEARN) what else these great artists have in store for us.

You can check out more art from Info-Rama on their website here.

So what do you think? Are you booking your flight to Austin, or at least getting your pennies together to buy some of these awesome prints? Let me know on Twitter or explain your plan in GRAPHIC detail in the comments below.

IMAGES: Kevin Tong, Tom Whalen, and Matt Taylor via Mondo

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