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Mondo Is Releasing a Stunning JURASSIC WORLD Vinyl

Hold onto your butts, because they are about to shake nonstop thanks to Mondo‘s forthcoming Jurassic World vinyl. Shortly after the beloved franchise caused John Williams‘ original Jurassic Park score to surge into the Billboard Top 10 this year, the good folks at Mondo worked diligently to commit Michael Giacchino’s Jurassic World score to the hallowed medium of vinyl, as only the film enthusiasts are able. After their two absolutely rad Jurassic Park galleries, it was only a matter of time before they unveiled a new dino vinyl.

The web exclusive edition will feature two 180-gram, translucent green LPs with blue stripes (a hat-tip to Blue the raptor) in a stunning gatefold jacket illustrated by Stan & Vince. The records will also be available in black vinyl with the same gatefold jacket. Check out the work of art below:

Front Cover

Check out that Indominus footprint thoooooooo. Equal parts terrifying and beautiful.


Back Cover

Is that Blue peakin’? Seent ya, Blue. Seent ya.


Gatefold Interior

#RaptorSquad #ThisMySquad #WhereMyRaptorsAt #AllMySingleRaptors


If you read this and shared it with friends in your immediate proximity, you are all likely running around (like us) and likely need Chris Pratt or a talented zookeeper to wrangle you and calm you from your fits of excited ataxia. It is just so good though!

The preorder for the LP begins tomorrow June 26, and orders will be shipped in September 2015. Oh, the cruel torture that is time! To further whet your Indominus-esque appetite, you can check out the full track-list for the double LP below.

Side A
01. Bury The Hatchling (1:56)
02. The Family That Strays Together (1:00)
03. Welcome To Jurassic World (2:08)
04. As The Jurassic World Turns (5:30)
05. Clearly His First Rodeo (3:28)
06. Owen You Nothing (1:19)
07. Indominus Wrecks (6:11)

Side B
08. Gyrosphere Of Influence (3:14)
09. Pavane For A Dead Apatosaurus (4:44)
10. Fits And Jumpstarts (1:31)
11. The Dimorphodon Shuffle (2:13)
12. Love In The Time Of Pterosauria (4:30)

Side C
13. Chasing The Dragons (2:54)
14. Raptor Your Heart Out (3:50)
15. Costa Rican Standoff (4:37)
16. Our Rex Is Bigger Than Yours (2:41) 17. Growl And Make Up (1:16)
18. Nine To Survival Job (2:33)
19. The Park Is Closed (1:38)

Side D
20. Jurassic World Suite (12:53)
21. It’s A Small Jurassic World (1:43)
22. The Hammond Lab Overture (1:07)
23. The Brockway Monorail (1:45)
24. Sunrise O’er Jurassic World (2:06)

HT: CinemaBlend

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