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Mondo Is Making a Seriously Kickass Mad Max Vinyl

The next three days are going to be rough. My internal countdown clock until May 15, when Mad Max: Fury Road hits theaters nationwide, feels like it is moving in slow motion inside of my head. I already know it’s excellent–my trusted colleague Dan Casey saw it and reported as much. Now to make the wait even more unbearable, our favorite art boutique Mondo has announced a beautifully designed Mad Max original score vinyl, complete with interchangeable covers, which is available for preorder the same day the movie debuts.


The original score, by Grammy-nominated producer Junkie XL (Tom Holkenborg), will get two 180 gram colored vinyl as well as original screen prints from artists Kilian Eng and Boneface. The art perfectly channels George Miller’s hellish aesthetic and the magnitude of the score. Check out the compositions of Max and Immortan Joe below, as well as Eng’s post-apocalyptic landscape above. Man, that three day wait is feeling like an eternity right about now.

GD30OBH5.pdf GD30OBH5.pdf

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