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MINORITY REPORT Cast, Creators Preview Agatha Episode, Precog Backstory, Memento Mori, and More

Once a Precog, always a Precog. Fox’s Minority Report is halfway through its first season and has shown us the life of a former Precog is riddled with strife—and really, it couldn’t be any other way. Dash (Stark Sands), Arthur (Nick Zano), and Agatha (Laura Regan) are working through their difficult pasts in different ways. They all navigate the world in unique ways—Dash is still driven to help others, doing so by assisting Detective Lara Vega (Meagan Good), but he won’t be able to stay under the radar forever. Will Blake (Wilmer Valderrama) has his suspicions, and he’s not a dumb guy. While Dash is trying to help others, Agatha is keeping the world at arm’s length and Arthur is slowly coming around.

During a recent visit to the set of Minority Report, we spoke with the cast and executive producer Max Borenstein about the back half of the season. You can expect to dive into Agatha’s world, to learn more about Memento Mori, and to flash back to the days after the Precrime Unit was dismantled.

On Agatha

Monday night’s episode, “Fiddler’s Neck,” will dive into Agatha’s backstory. Laura Regan says, “It’s a big episode for Agatha because you get a lot of her backstory. You see a lot of things that happened when they first arrived on this island—Fiddler’s Neck—and how she went about interacting the community, a certain man that she met, and her history with him and so on.”

Regan continues, “So when something happens in the present, she calls Dash for help. She adores him, and she very clearly knows the difference between her two brothers—[knowing] which one she can go to for different needs. She knows Dash is the one that just lives to help people. He really just has this one clear purpose. When she needs to help someone out, she calls Dash. She’s a little bit testy with him, but it comes down to her needing him. So that’s kind of a cool thing for this episode.”

Her privacy will be jeopardized in upcoming episodes, too. Regan says, “I think I can even go so far as [to say] she’s going to get forced out, she’s going to get snuffed out of her own house, even. She’s going to be on the run, and Agatha on the run is a slightly different person—I feel—a slightly different character. She has this, ‘I’m removed, I don’t see too many visions, I’m safe, I can tell everyone what to do, I can control everything, I can boss everyone around.’ But when she’s on the run, she’s out of her element and she doesn’t have that comfort. Plus, she’s bombarded with all this information of seeing the immediate future of so many people because she’s in the city.”

Executive producer Max Borenstein previews the Agatha episode as well. He says, “We’re going to go to the island. First of all, we’ll learn it wasn’t always an island. That’s a little piece of futurism for that episode—it’s a former peninsula. This is a place where you can live off the grid. So, [the episode explores] who else is on this island, how’s Agatha been living there and what her life’s been like, and what possesses someone who’s wanted nothing but to escape the world to have her brothers and this police detective there. The episode is really going to explore Agatha–both in the past and what became of Agatha after Precrime and now in the present, the person that she is.”

On Henry Blomfield

Reed Diamond made his first appearance in last week’s episode, so Borenstein filled us in a little about his character. “He’s a deputy director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. His agency, we’ll learn, had plans for the Precogs that went beyond sort of local Precrime use. That all ended when Precrime ended, but his sense that the Precogs could have been used for bigger things and potentially, depending on your perspective, even good things—saving more lives rather than simply being deployed for the local police force in DC—that remains. He also mentions in this last episode some terrorist chatter. That group—the Memento Mori—is getting closer and closer. This is the person [Blomfield] whose job it is to do whatever he can to stop that. Knowing that there are Precogs in the world—not knowing where they are, but knowing that they’re in the world—is a great temptation because those are people who can save a lot of lives if they were thrown back in the milk bath. That’s obviously a piece of the puzzle that we’re heading to, and he’s the face of that. Again, he’s not a black and white villain, but certainly someone whose agenda is not aligned with our main characters.”

Regan adds, “I think I can say Blomfield is looking for the Precogs, and he may or may not be working for the agencies he’s supposed to be working for.”

On the last half of the season and Memento Mori

Borenstein also shared this tease about the last five episodes of Season 1: “I can tease that what we’ve been teasing is one hundred percent going to happen. In the sense that, the vision that Agatha has in the beginning of the milk bath and then being in the milk bath and Vega being there and the very thing she’s so afraid of and has been talking all about and pestering her brothers about. They’re Precogs. They see the future. It’s going to come to pass. The question is how, why, and what they’re going to do about it. But we’re going to get there, and we’re going to get there in episode ten. And it won’t be exactly how people expect it.”

Regan says episode 10 will end with a cliffhanger but will also wrap up the big questions of the season—namely about her vision and Memento Mori. She says, “Memento Mori is a group or a name or a recurring theme and it’s ‘Remember, you will die’ in Latin or something. There is an attack coming related to this vision, and that will get wrapped up.”

Daniel London, the only actor to appear in both the television series and the film, hints that the terrorist attacks will change the dynamic between characters. London says, “You’ll see it certainly raises the stakes and it brings up some tough questions for all of them. Because when you see clearly—these three lives of the Precogs are important and they deserve the same rights and freedoms as everyone else. But, when you’re looking at destruction that could potentially happen on that huge level of a terrorist attack, you start to think, ‘Well, sacrificing or compromising these three lives may be worth the amount of lives that may be affected.’ Those are questions that definitely come to the forefront in the coming episodes.”

On the end of Precrime and Arthur

Episode seven, “Honor Among Thieves,” will turn back the clock to the days when the Precogs were released after the Precrime system was ended. Borenstein says the episode will give us insight into Arthur: “We’ll see what made him who he is and what jaded him a little bit. He’s certainly jaded and has a cynical edge, but he’s not just the evil twin.”

Nick Zano adds, “It’s sort of an origins episode which was fun and pretty much takes place—it follows the Precogs on day one of Precrime ending so we get to see what they were like the day it ended. Also, it’s the episode where you understand Arthur. You see a guy that’s released who’s very optimistic and positive and excited to meet the world, and there’s a very sweet moment in that particular episode where a girl smiles at him and no one’s ever smiled at him before, and it’s a heavy moment for Arthur. He’s so excited about it, and he leaves talking about it—and you see in that episode the death of his innocence and what transpired from that moment to today. It was a fun episode to do.”

Make sure you check out our gallery of images from the set below! Minority Report airs on Mondays at 9:00pm ET/PT on Fox.

Images: Fox, Amy Ratcliffe


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