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Mini Caramel Apples Are the Smallest Halloween Treats

Walking With Giants, the YouTube channel that specializes in the tiniest of food, is at it again. This time with something seasonally sweet. While their world’s tiniest lasagna was a bite of savory happiness, now they’re taking on Fall treats by making the itsy bitsiest, smallest caramel apples you ever did see in their new series Haunting With Giants.

Caramel apples are one of my favorite treats, but I’d probably need about 57 of these things to feel satisfied. Now just how can you make caramel apples the size of your fingertip? By slicing a cube of caramel with an x-acto knife and heating it up inside an orange jack-o-lantern. That’s not the color orange; we literally mean the jack-o-lantern is an actual tiny Mandarin orange carved out with a face. In other words, ridiculously tiny.

After the apples are dipped in the melted caramel they’re covered in diced peanuts. Watching the peanuts being chopped was excruciating because I just wanted to scream “There must be an easier way!” out loud to no one in particular.


Once the apples are dipped and coated they’re served up with presumably a thimble full of apple cider. Now the real question in all of this is where in the world did they find apples that small? I searched the comments and I was not alone in my musings. Undeterred, I even googled “world’s smallest apples” which did not help me whatsoever , and note to self: I should clear my cache.

The conclusion that the comment section and I have come to is that these are not apples at all but super shiny cranberries. If that’s the case then these should be called mini cranberry apples but I don’t have any proof so we’ll let sleeping apples lie. If anyone from the apple lobby has anything to say they can contact me at the Nerdist offices, email subject line: Urgent.

For more tiny holiday treats check out Walking With Giants on YouTube.

What do you think of these tiny apples (Really? Still on the fence on this one.) Halloween treats? Let us know in the comments!

Image: Walking With Giants
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