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Melissa McCarthy “Nails” Her Favorite Kanye Song in SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE Promo

This week’s Saturday Night Live is shaping up to be a good one. Melissa McCarthy, one of the show’s better recurring hosts, is leading the way and famous lunatic Kanye West is scheduled to be the musical guest. Maybe we’ll get lucky and the two of them will do a duet of Kanye’s hit song “Butterscotch Man.” You know the one I’m talking about….right? That’s a real song, isn’t it?

Well, in the promos for this week’s show, that’s the one McCarthy names as her favorite Kanye song.

Butterscotch man
Tater tot yam
Put it in my ham

It’s a modern day classic. Or at least it should be.

As for the rest of the promo, filmed at a nail salon with Vanessa Bayer, McCarthy learned the hard way that nail-related puns don’t work as well as one might hope, especially when you are actually getting a manicure. “I think you’re scaring her a little bit.”

Also, it turns out McCarthy is very sensitive about “polish” jokes, but that might just be a misunderstanding. Oh, and who thinks naming a nail polish “Candy Whore” is a good idea? Why would anyone choose that? Unless they worked at a circus…

As for the musical guest, I haven’t been paying attention to him lately. Kanye hasn’t done or said anything on social media that would make you worried about him being on live television, right? Everything with Kanye lately has been calm and reasonable?

I’ll just assume it has been and watch his performance as though everything is totally normal.

What’s your favorite Kanye song? How about your favorite McCarthy sketch from past hosting gigs? Name yours below.

Image: NBC/YouTube

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