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Meishi Smile’s “Belong” Is What Happens When Kubrick Meets Anime (Premiere)

You know that moment in Stanley Kubrick‘s 2001: A Space Odyssey when Dave enters a space-time warp and the movie screen becomes a multi-color collage of all that ever was and all that ever shall be? In spirit, that is how Garrett Yim’s, a.k.a. Meishi Smile, abstract music video for his latest track “Belong” begins, introducing an impressionistic world that is paradoxically claustrophobic in its vastness.

The only sense of grounding that the audio-visual experience offers is a series of jarringly depicted anime scenes that feature a constantly shifting cast of characters whose faces appear to be separating from their heads by centripetal force. Despite the dizzying illustrations, the ideas offered in the exchanges are ones deeply rooted in the human experience, dealing with love, disappointment, uncertainty, disgust, friendship. The caustic breakbeat of the track reminds you that all of these things, so deeply human, are in fact, the ingredients of entropy.

“Belong” is truly a visceral experience, so if you are turned off upon first listen (that is sort of the point!), then please revisit it and get lost in Meishi’s thought process. Or at least try to get lost in your own.

Because the track’s vocals are heavily distorted, I have included the lyrics below so you have at least some idea of the method to the madness. Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments!

Full Lyrics:

endlessly, together
forever, in this cold rain

the unfeeling subconscious
will make my final conscious decision
to alleviate my last ounce of sympathy
everyone is the same once they sin
the blood which drips down my left wrist is a justification
the thoughts of the unadulterated masses is pure shit
the hypocrisy is a tool which proves your weakness
the meaning of my fatigue

the wound is still fresh
I view the world through a prism
of my own blood and hatred
I wish to hone a shard of glass
and tear through your fucking face
I hope deceit teaches you an eternal pain – just die
let me embrace everything alone
so I can finally rest in peace

all I am is who i belong to me
all I am is who you stole from

Featured Image: Brian Vu

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