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MEGA MAN X’s ‘Spark Mandrill’ Theme on 8 Floppy Drives

Like Styx once mused, is it any wonder these people have too much time on their hands? Today’s weirdest yet coolest thing has to be this YouTuber who rigged up 8 floppy disk drives (kids: floppy disk drives were things computers used to have either built in or connected externally that read information off of things called “floppy disks”, which weren’t so much floppy as they were rigid, and would contain programs or files, none of which held more than, like, 50 MB of content) to play one of the best video game songs from the Super Nintendo days. (Kids: Super Nintendo was the second generation gaming console from Nintendo following their landmark Nintendo Entertainment System. SNES was 16-bit instead of 8-bit and is still one of the greatest consoles of all time.)

Mr. Solid Snake 745 spent considerable time and energy rigging up the 8 drives to run a program in tandem that made them make the necessary noises to emulate the Spark Mandrill theme from the classic Capcom game, Mega Man X. Sure it was a game that only took like 2 hours to beat, but it was still badass as hell. Take a wild gander at this video; he even made the drives play harmony!

That’s some damn impressive work. And for comparison, here’s what it sounded like in the game.

Not too shabby, huh? And because I love this piece of music so much, here’s another YouTuber, Smooth McGroove, doing the same song acapella with himself.

Mr. Solid Snake 745 has done many other great themes on the eight floppy drives, including the Star Wars “Imperial March” and “Tank!” from Cowboy Bebop, both of which you can find below. Which ones are your favorites? Let us know below!

[HT: Kotaku]

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  1. Andy Wright says:

    Solid Snake 745’s “What is Love” and “Mortal Kombat” are my favorites (I’ve listened to almost all of his floppy drive musics…I’m an adult. I do what I want). 

  2. Darthbone says:

    Mega Man X really had one of the most timelessly impressive soundtracks of any game of that era.  All the music was incredible in it, and when you see it made instrumental, it just blows so many things out of the water. 

    Mega Man X was lightning in a bottle, and if there’s “required reading” in the video game pantheon and annals of history, that game belongs in it. Perfect level design, perfect controls, perfect soundtrack.

  3. MJB says:

    A) Floppy disks were floppy, they were just kept in a rigid plastic casing to protect them. The actual disc was very floppy.

    B) 50mb? Wtf? Try 1.44.

    I’m not even 30 and I know this shit.