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Meet Spider-Man’s Toughest Foe, Door-Man

We now have the first clip from The Amazing Spider-Man‘s “Mark of the Spider-Man” viral marketing campaign, and it’s packed full of inaction:


Yes, it’s Andrew Peter Parker Garfield trying to stammer his way past a doorman (portrayed by John Scurti) while trying to hide his Spidey suit. (And it probably ties into the opening of the trailer when Peter comes through the window and explains to Gwen, “the doorman’s intimidating”)

I personally can’t wait for clips of him ordering coffee, or perhaps picking up some dry cleaning.

HT: /film

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  1. LeetheGirl says:

    Eee hee hee!

    That’s it! I want to see this movie now!

    I still think the new suit looks stupid but I totally want to see it!


  2. Kevin K says:

    Sadly, the video appears to have been removed, bringing my video-watching-procrastination to a premature end. Any chance there’s another source, or have we entered the murky depths of copyright claim?

  3. Well, if you look at this clip from a History-of-Marvel-Comics sort of view, it seems exactly the kind of mundane, annoying thing that WOULD happen to Peter Parker: ♫Wealth and fame? He’s ignored. Action is his reward…♫

  4. Jess says:

    Sorry, no one does Snooty Doorman like Bruce Campbell.

  5. What I don’t understand is why his spider sense didn’t warn him about the douche bag doorman beforehand?