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Mark Hamill Wants His Own Reylo Moment

Luke Skywalker had to travel to the edge of the galaxy to make a love connection. Besides kissing his sister, Luke hasn’t any romantic encounters in Star Wars…until Ahch-To. Then he got to share an intimate moment with the thala-siren, a.k.a. the Star Wars sea cow. I talked to Mark Hamill while visiting Ireland for The Last Jedi home video release, and he got real about his infamous green milk scene with a very real, not CGI puppet.

Hamill notes he’s jealous of the Rey and Kylo connection. That tension-filled moment when they touched was significant, and Episode VIII director Rian Johnson said that beat is “the closest thing we’ll get to a sex scene in a Star Wars movie.”

Hamill recalled Johnson’s statement when he told us, “Because, you know, the most sexuality in a Star Wars film is when Rey and Kylo touch fingertips. I was jealous! I thought, ‘Luke never got touch anybody’s finger.'”

Luke didn’t get to touch anyone’s anything, as far as we know. But he can carry the memories of the thala-siren’s realistic breasts with him into his Force ghost future.

Do you think Luke deserved to have some romantic love? Who do you ship Luke with? Use the Force to project your thoughts into the comments.

Images: Lucasfilm

Amy Ratcliffe is an Associate Editor for Nerdist. She likes Star Wars a little. Follow her on Twitter.

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