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THE LAST JEDI’s Kelly Marie Tran Reveals Porgs Used to Be Terrifying

Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be remembered for many scenes: for Luke and Kylo’s fight on Crait, what happened to Luke, Rey and Kylo Ren taking out Snoke’s Praetorian guards. But the most memorable part of the movie’s legacy might be porgs. Everyone has an opinion on the adorable puffin stand-ins we meet on Ahch-To, and Episode VIII star Kelly Marie Tran (Rose Tico) is a fan of the creatures. She loved them from the beginning.

She saw porgs in their early stages before they were completely feathered and precious, and she told Nerdist‘s Dan Casey they were so odd. Watch:

I refuse to picture porgs as mechanical birds because I don’t want to wreck the image in my head.

But seeing the bird-like creatures before they received all their finishing touches didn’t turn Tran off. She’s such a porg enthusiast she dressed like a porg for Halloween in a homemade costume. That’s dedication. And my favorite part is how she made the costume even though she’s not an experienced cosplayer. Being nervous about not having the right skills shouldn’t stop anyone from living out their porg dreams.

You can see more of Kelly Marie Tran on Fangirling. Watch the episode on Alpha.

Have you dressed up as a porg? How many porg toys do you own? Tell us all about your porg life in the comments.

Images: Lucasfilm

Amy Ratcliffe is an Associate Editor for Nerdist. She likes Star Wars a little. Follow her on Twitter.

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