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Episode 42: Making It
Pete Holmes (part one)

Making It #42: Pete Holmes (part one)

Riki talks with comedian/writer/actor Pete Holmes (Conan, Fallon, Best Week Ever) about relationships, passing judgment and getting his start in stand up.

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  1. @rhzunam from hearing Pete Holmes’ podcast, I think his disdain for sports is just a negative association with it growing up in relating with his brother and father.

    I think definitely part of “making it” is some self delusion. that’s why it helps to start young when you’re less self conscious and hard on yourself. Its getting a start on your “Malcolm Gladwell 10,000 hours” as Pete said.

  2. rhzunam says:

    Great episode who I just finished. Still you missed the point a lot about sports which was funny listening as a sports fan. Just to point out, the reason people watch the title games like the world cup final or the super bowl even if the team isn’t there is because one is not only fan of the team but of the sport. So a final decides the championship of that sport one follows, so it’s most enjoyable to see that even if one’s team isn’t there. Also when talking about baseball and saying that it’s embarrassing for the other guy not to hit the ball and thus the pitcher embarrasses the guy is not the proper way to do stuff. You both thought of it like it’s his job to hit the ball, but the pitchers job is for him not to hit the ball. Thus he’s doing his job and isn’t mean to embarrass him. As not being baseball fans, I think you missed that point.

  3. Sc says:

    This is amazing. Not just this episode, but the whole podcast.

    I’m not in entertainment, and am not really trying to be. I’m not really the target audience. I originally downloaded the Steve Agee episode, just because I’d seen him on Sarah Silverman and he seemed like a funny guy. But it was actually incredibly fascinating to hear what it is like to try to “make it” in the business. Since then I’ve gone back and listened to every single episode. It’s so interesting, and also inspiring.

    So much of what you talk about applies to my life even though I’m not trying to act, write, produce, direct, etc. The idea of making your own stuff is broadly applicable. And hearing about how hard people work and how persistent they are is a big reminder of how I need to live my life if I want to be a success in my own career. It’s also a great reality check for those of us outside the inner circle, to see what it means to “make it” and how even people we see on our TVs regularly still have to bust their asses to keep getting work and progress in their careers.

    Please keep it up, I can’t wait to hear more peoples’ stories and advice.

  4. DrAwkward says:

    Awesome episode! Cannot wait for Part 2, literally trembling.

  5. Frankie says:

    (I cried at the end of Moshe’s book too)

  6. Leonard Pitchork says:

    Pete has to have 2 episodes for Riki to get in at least 50 words. Ha! Love you Crispy Holmes.

  7. steve says:

    Love this episode. Great job, Riki and Pete!

  8. highwyre237 says:

    Making it weird with picky lindholmes

  9. Charles H says:

    30mins in before any talk of making it. That is the power of the Holmes Effect.