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Magical Kids Cosplay at D23 Expo

My favorite thing to do at Cons is search out the kids in cosplay. It’s like a real-life Where’s Waldo of creativity. D23 Expo is such a fantastic place for people watching, and the Disney cosplayers always bring their A-game. This year’s D23 Expo was such a family affair that we saw a lot of cosplaying kids whose very willing parents and siblings got in on all the fun.

I saw brothers cosplaying as Avengers, mommy and baby in matching Minnie Mouse outfits, and many, many princesses. With all the big Star Wars announcements this weekend it was great to see so many little Leias walking the floor.

D23 Expo makes cosplaying easy by putting up photo ops around the show floor. I spotted a Gravity Falls Dipper hanging out at, where else, The Mystery Shack!

My number one rule when it comes to kids in costume is to always ask the parents if I can take a photo of their child. Seeing as how the parents are usually involved in the cosplay as well, families are usually more than willing to oblige.

A fun For the Birds cosplay paid homage to the Pixar short, and if you were unsure of what she was supposed to be, she simply spread her wings and it was written out on the back. The easy to wear cosplay definitely had comfort in mind and seeing as her mom was dressed as the Matterhorn ride, it’s easy to see a future for even more cosplay for this family.

d23 nemo-08162015

Another hit on the show floor was the mother & daughter Finding Nemo cosplay. The daughter, in a Disney bounding Dory outfit, carried a scuba mask with P. Sherman’s address attached. Every detail counts when it comes to cosplay. Her mom acted as her backdrop and hid behind a lightweight balloon coral reef and blew bubbles. Hooray for mom!

Finally, one of my favorite groups from D23 Expo was a trio who brought the Tremaine family to life. Well-known cosplayers @badkidbebe, @the_loveless and @stephieebeast dressed as Lady Tremaine and her daughters the wicked stepsisters Anastasia and Drizella. Their scowls were on point and they even brought along the sweetest little Cinderella in rags to round out their group.

Check out our overall D23 Expo cosplay and all the kids cosplay in the gallery below.

Did your kids cosplay for D23 Expo? We want to see it! Tag @nerdistdotcom and @justjennrecipes on Instagram and tell us which kids cosplay was your favorite in the comments!

Photo credit: Cinderella photos courtesy of @badkidbebe, all other photos: Jenn Fujikawa


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