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Kids’ Cosplay Totally Ruled San Diego Comic-Con

Cosplay is always on point at Comic-Con and every year the kids cosplay just gets better and better. It’s great when a family collaborates, with kids coming up with an idea and supportive parents do their best to please by donning wigs and sewing costumes.

Sisters Bella and Eva Risbeck never disappoint, and it’s fun to watch their Star Wars cosplay grow as they grow. Bella wore a simple Padme Amidala costume that made it easy to walk the floor, while her sister Eva went full Ahsoka Tano and never broke character. Clearly, the force is strong with these two. I can only imagine the inspiration the sisters will have for next year’s Con after watching The Force Awakens later this year.

uncle grampa-07142015

Comfort is key for kids cosplay! And fun stuff from animated shows ruled kids cosplay this year with a bunch of adorable Bee & Puppycats and Teen Titans Go! cosplayers. A fully involved Gravity Falls family cosplay even had a sleeping Soos in a stroller (aww!). Gram Wellman incorporated his name into his cosplay by becoming Uncle GRAMpa, an Uncle Grandpa outfit that was both recognizable and easy to put together.

Fashioning your accessories to match your outfit is also a very important part of cosplay — and that includes ride vehicles. A brilliant brother duo of Marty McFly and Doctor Emmett Brown found it much easier to maneuver the floor with a DeLorean at their helm. Great Scott!

The floor can be magical for cosplayers. I watched as a toddler Batman went up to a toddler Harley Quinn, pleasantries were exchanged, and it was all capped off by hugs and kisses. There can be peace in Gotham!

Check out all the fabulous kids cosplay in the gallery below and let us know in the comments what your family is going to wear to your next con!

batman harley gif-07142015

*photo credit: Uncle Grandpa: Mike Wellman, Edward Scissorhands: Robb Pearlman, all other photos: Jenn Fujikawa


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