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Will Loki Betray Thor in AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR?

We have not been able to stop watching the Avengers: Infinity War trailer since it dropped earlier this week, and apparently we’re not alone. The trailer has been viewed over 61 million times over the past two days, and there’s still more to unpack. Aside from Captain America‘s beard and Iron Man’s potentially dark fate, one of the most striking moments features Loki, and it seems to walk back his character development from Thor: Ragnarok. Today’s Nerdist News is consulting the Norn Stones to discover if Loki has once again betrayed his brother, Thor.

There are spoilers ahead for Thor: Ragnarok and potential spoilers for Infinity War. You’ve been warned, true believers!

Join host and our resident Lokiologist, Jessica Chobot, as she examines the latest actions of the God of Mischief. Not gonna lie, it looks pretty bad to see Loki apparently turning over the Tesseract to Thanos’ forces while stepping over the bodies of his own people. We’ve come to expect cunning and betrayal from Loki, and it’s part of what we love about him. At the same time, Loki kind of turned a corner in Ragnarok and he stood by his brother’s side in the final battle with Hela. It was also heartwarming when Loki returned to Thor at the end and acknowledged his rule without malice.

That’s why some fans are venting their anger about Loki’s apparent betrayal in the trailer. The bond between the brothers matters to them, and it makes Loki seem more one-dimensional to simply backslide into his old behavior. Some fans have even argued that Loki is saving the rest of the Asgardians after facing a losing fight against a force that has probably already taken out the Hulk and Thor.

Is Loki a hero or a villain? As much as some fans want to embrace Tom Hiddleston‘s iconic take on the character, neither of those descriptions fit him. Loki is simply Loki, no matter the circumstances. To a certain extent, he just can’t help himself. He will always lie, cheat, steal, and even kill, if it furthers his interests at the moment. That’s what we think he’s doing here. Giving up the Tesseract is probably less about saving the Asgardians and more about saving himself.

Although, who is to say that Loki has actually given up the Tesseract? He is a trickster god, after all. We can definitely see Loki pulling a fast one by swapping the Tesseract with an illusion. But even then, a re-empowered Loki is probably not good news for the Avengers.

Do you think that Loki will once again betray Thor in Avengers: Infinity War? Share your theories below!

Images: Marvel Studios


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