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What’s the Future of the MCU After the AVENGERS 4 Finale?

Thanksgiving is over (boo!), but that means the return of Nerdist News Talks Back (yay!) And on today’s show we were hungry to gobble up those tasty nuggets about the end–and future–of the MCU, along with the latest about The Rock, Avatar, and what we bought on this year’s Cyber Monday.

Helping host Jessica Chobot get back to work after the holiday weekend were Nerdist editors Alicia Lutes and Kyle Anderson, along with producer Jason Nguyen. They started with the huge new article about Infinity War from Vanity Fair. What do we make of Kevin Fiege’s comments that Avengers 4 will be an actual “finale” that separates the MCU into two distinct periods? What does that mean for the current characters, including who won’t survive the fight with Thanos? What will the 20 (20!!) films that will follow look like? And did the Russo Brothers hint that we’ll finally get the Infinity War trailer in three days or three weeks? What do we hope to see in it?

Then it was time to smell what The Rock is cooking, which is super positive early buzz about Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. The early word on social media is the film is fantastic, especially Jack Black. Does this surprise us? Are we looking forward to seeing it more now?

Speaking of sequels, James Cameron said there won’t be a fourth and fifth Avatar if the next two don’t do well. But do we really expect them to fail? And since he says all the movies will stand on their own anyway, will it even matter? Is this more interesting than him complaining about fans who are still upset over Jack’s death in Titanic two decades later? Who should “let it go” more?

Finally, since today is Cyber Monday, we discussed what deals we went looking for and if we bought anything. Is there a specific item we like to grab on this day every year? And do we find the whole concept of “doorbusters” a little morally dubious or a fair marketing campaign for items that aren’t in high demand anyway?

Make sure you get in on the conversation with us when Nerdist News Talks Back airs live every weekday at 1:00 p.m. PT on our YouTube and Alpha channels. We can share and console each other over what it will be like to know none of us will live long enough to see every Marvel or Star Wars movie ever made.

We still want to hear what you thought about today’s topics, so share them with us in the comments below.

Images: Marvel, 20th Century Fox

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