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THE LAST JEDI’s New Trailer May Change What We Know About Luke

During Game 7 of the World Series, Star Wars fans were given a post-Halloween treat when a new teaser trailer dropped for The Last Jedi. And while some of the footage has been seen in previous trailers, the new clips may force us to reconsider everything we thought we knew about Luke Skywalker‘s role in the movie. Today’s Nerdist News is breaking down our theory about what this means for The Last Jedi.

Warning: there are potentially big spoilers ahead, if this theory pans out. Either way, it’s time to head to the escape pods if you don’t want to know any details.

Join host and baby Porg wrangler, Jessica Chobot, as she spells out some very specific ideas about what may unfold within the movie. It was hard not to get chills when was saw Luke back on the Millennium Falcon for the first time since The Empire Strikes Back. One thing we never got in the original trilogy was Luke at the controls of the Falcon. The ending of The Force Awakens suggested that Rey was going to inherit the Falcon, and her absence here is very conspicuous. But that may be the very reason that Luke came on board the ship.

We think Kylo Ren and the Knights of Ren will probably succeed in kidnapping Rey from Ach-Too, leaving Luke behind under the assumption that he’s already dead. So with no other way off of the planet, Luke will have to take over the helm of his brother-in-law’s ship to save Rey. Now that we know this possible turn of events, some of the earlier trailer cuts make more sense. That infamous shot of the Porg in the Millennium Falcon’s cockpit seemed to deliberately hide the identity of the pilot. Since it wouldn’t be a surprise if Rey was there, it almost certainly means that Luke is flying the ship in that scene.

Additionally, this leads us to believe that all of those shots of the Falcon in action may also feature Luke as well. We expected Luke to take part in the film’s climatic lightsaber duel, since it’s a family tradition. But what if Luke is meant to play a big role in the final space battle instead? It would be a different path, and possibly a way for Luke to redeem himself after his long absence.

What do you think about our Luke Skywalker on the Falcon theory? Let’s discuss in the comment section below!

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