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For Ten Grand, an Official Colonel Sanders KFC Internet Escape Pod Is Yours!

If you thought there was no metal dome cage scarier to enter than Thunderdome, you were wrong. Think personal Thunderdome, only hugged by an enormous replica of one Colonel Harland Sanders. What are, we chicken? YES. Emphatically so.

Officially, this architectural innovation is described as an “Internet Escape Pod,” intended for Cyber Monday, to keep out all wireless signals as you huddle inside the 7-foot wide by 6-foot tall steel mesh cage. But, as KFC admits…

In case you haven’t noticed, our specialty is fried chicken, not internet-blocking cages. Although we have done our best to ensure total internet escape, a special person with a gizmo has to test our cage before we can claim total and utter signal impenetrability. Upon installation, every effort will be taken to ensure it fully blocks your device. You have the Colonel’s word.

Assembly is included, and yes, you can add this to your cart at KFC’s official online store. It may turn out to be a prank, but the process to purchase it is entirely legit.

As a nice touch, the door handles on the tent look like pieces of chicken:

It’s only $10,000, which is a bargain, and if you think otherwise, show us any other stainless steel cages with fast food mascots atop them that are cheaper. You can’t. Not in this reality.

Will two men enter and one man leave? There might not be room enough for two fully grown men inside to begin with, but one person and some chicken? Yeah, that’s probably doable. And that chicken won’t be escaping except inside a belly.

Do you need to be imprisoned by the Colonel to keep you away from online sales? Give us your best excuses in comments.

Images: KFC


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