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Keenan and Kel Help Jimmy Fallon Bring Us Back to Good Burger

Hungry for even more ’90s nostalgia? Well, how about a Good Burger to satiate your sentimentality?

Last night on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon “remembered” his first job back in the 90s at a fast food restaurant, and wouldn’t you know it, it turned out he worked alongside our favorite, easily confused burger flipper, Ed from “Good Burger”

The “Good Burger” skit, which was later turned into a movie, came from the beloved Nickelodeon sketch show, All That. Don’t worry, Kel wasn’t alone in bringing back the sketch; Keenan Thompson showed up to eat, playing one of his All That characters, Lester Oaks, construction worker.  The sketch also features Black Thought of The Roots, who didn’t quite get the Spicy Chicken Wrap he wanted.

The two characters also gave a little background information on their past with the fictional fast food place, before the two actors switched parts halfway through.

Jimmy Fallon certainly likes to return to the shows of our youth, as he already brought us back to Bayside High, the place that totally warped every expectation we had for what high school would really be like.

Soon, Keenan Thompson returns to SNL, which has its season premiere on October 3. This is the show’s 41st season, which I think is also how long Keenan Thompson has been on the show. Kel Mitchell will be returning to Nickelodeon with the new series Game Shakers.

What other show from our past would you like to see Jimmy Fallon return to? Order your best ideas from the menu in our comments section. (Oh, and hey, good luck getting the world’s “best, catchiest song of all time” out of your head the rest of this month.)

I’m a dude,
He’s a dude,
She’s a dude,
Cause we’re all dudes!)


IMAGE: The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon/YouTube

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