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JURASSIC WORLD Gets Re-Imagined as 1978 Thriller We’d Absolutely See

“History has shown one man with a dream can turn the world into a nightmare.”

Damn! That’s a great opening line for a trailer! Where do we get our tickets? Oh, in an alternate reality from 1978? Okay, so ticket prices should be a lot cheaper, right?

If you find yourself disappointed you won’t actually get to see this 1978 version of Jurassic World you are not alone. This is phenomenal, and had it actually existed would probably be a cult classic to this day.

Made by YouTube user ChiefBrodyRules by splicing in footage from almost 50 films, 2015’s box office king gets re-imagined as a dark, 1978 horror-thriller. With so-bad-they’re-incredible stop-motion animated dinosaurs, and a genuinely awesome cast, this is one of the better faux-trailers in a long time. It’s perfectly paced and has a real sense of urgency and terror.

Seriously, you wouldn’t see this movie? Look at the listed cast and tell me it isn’t amazing:

Michael Caine – As head of security who has foreseen the downfall of the park.
Raquel Welch – As the Mosasaurus handler that falls in love with Michael Caine.

Richard Pryor – As a guest who helps Michael Caine to get the people out of the park.

Charlton Heston – As the scientist who brought back the dinosaurs and second in command at the park.

This would probably be the darkest of any of the Jurassic Park movies, with the awe and wonder replaced by darkness and a palpable sense of evil. The score alone is scary before an evil Charlton Heston gets involved.

(Apparently the poor assistant suffers a terrible death in every version. That’s sad.)

Who else would you want to add to this amazing cast? Let us know in the comments below while we work on an alternate dimension portal.


Image: ChiefBrodyRules

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