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Stop-Motion LEGOs Tell the JURASSIC WORLD Story in 90 Seconds

There’s something remarkably charming about a herd of bloodthirsty dinosaurs when they’re depicted as stop-motion animated LEGOs. The Brotherhood Workshop, whose work we have covered before, are able to make their creations reduced but not reductive. Using the licensed LEGO sets for many popular films (including Marvel’s The Avengers, The Hobbit trilogy, and obviously Jurassic World) mixed with a selection of customized figures, the Brotherhood Workshop not only make 90-second retellings like you see above, but also create original short stories within those worlds.

The sped-up version of Jurassic World manages to get in a lot of references in such a short time frame, starting the entire thing off with a dark-humored joke about Judy Greer’s character’s impending divorce. The infamous high heel scene was unfortunately not referenced, but that’s only because, to my knowledge, high heels for minifigs do not exist in an official capacity.

One Jurassic-inspired short from the Workshop, “Little Arms, Big Feet”, references the hilarious line from Disney’s Meet The Robinsons. In it, four velociraptors are playing handball when they come upon a T. rex who can’t reach the ball with his oh-so-little arms. The game then turns into a round of a sort of kickball/soccer hybrid, and all is well.


That short as well as a highlight reel from the Workshop are included below. In order to support their filmmaking, the Workshop offers perks on their Patreon page, one of which is a cameo inclusion in one of the videos! Brotherhood will create a custom minifig on a supporters likeness (at the $50 support level) and mail it to the supporter after the video has been produced. I mean, I can’t say that I’ve ever personally wanted to be eaten by a T. rex, but it would be awesome to see minifig-me incur the wrath of a dinosaur!

The highlight reel showcases a variety of their past and present projects:

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