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JEM Cookie Cutters Are Truly Outrageous

The new Jem and The Holograms movie on its way and it’s already coming up against some harsh criticism.  One thing’s for sure: nostalgic fans have a special place in their heart for old school Jem.

30 years ago this month, Jem debuted and set off a wave of young wanna-be singers and fashionistas. Now, Sweet Prints Inc has made it easier to throw the Jem-themed party of your dreams with new Jem and the Holograms cookie cutters.

Not only will you be able to make a Jerrica Benton cookie, but her younger sister Kimber, Shana, Aja and Raya are also available. All the Jem characters were so bright and colorful; it’s easy to imagine making a purple-haired Shana cookie, blue-haired Aja, and a bright pink-coiffed Raya.

But where are The Misfits? Pizzazz, Roxy, Stormer and even Jetta are nowhere to be found. Those troublemakers may think their songs are better, but I guess they’re not as talented as cookies.

jem cookie cutters-10122015

The plastic cutters are 4-inches wide and have amazing detail. Sweet Prints Inc is also the company that created the incredibly intricate Majora’s Mask and Midna cookie cutters, so you know their commitment to detail is strong.

These cookie cutters, along with Shout Factory’s DVDs of original Jem and the Holograms episodes, are a great way to relive the Jem heyday before the new movie is released.

Perhaps if you created Jem’s signature red starred earrings out of sugar, it might summon Synergy? One can only hope.

Will you be buying these truly outrageous Jem cookie cutters? Let us know in the comments and show us your results by tagging @nerdist and @justjennrecipes on Instagram!

Image: Sweet Prints Inc.

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