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JELLY VAMPIRE Comic Combines Fantasy, Growing Up, and Absolute Silliness (Exclusive)

Have you ever heard of the philosophy of sprell? “Sprell” is a Norwegian word that refers to a joyful and silly state of mind conducive to goofs, laughs, shenanigans, and jokes! Well Ida Eva Neverdahl and her wonderful comic Jelly Vampire are here to teach you how to live your best life with this brand new Kickstarter from Emet Comics!

Jelly Vampire features the radical life of Lulu Lulusen, an imaginative and unusual girl who embarks on countless darkly humorous adventures, from disemboweling bullies to traveling to a planet made entirely of the soft underside of a cat’s belly. This splendidly surreal collection will be the first time Jelly Vampire has ever been published in English, and marks the perfect chance to own it in beautiful book-form!

As our exclusive page shows, Neverdahl’s art is a sublime balance of the cute mundanity of everyday life with the landscapes of our wildest imagination. Jelly Vampire is a complete masterclass in fun, exciting, and beautiful cartooning, with every page showcasing Neverdahl’s talent and spirit.

Emet Comics founder Maytal Gilboa is incredibly passionate about Jelly Vampire and this collaboration has been a long time coming. “I discovered Neverdahl’s work back in 2015 right when I was starting up my company, Emet Comics,” Gilboa told Nerdist. “Her work felt like something I’d never seen before and every single comic strip filled me with happiness. We kept in touch for three years! That’s how long it’s taken for us to finally work together, and I can tell you it was worth the wait!”

Ida Neverdahl described her process to Nerdist. “With my comics, through my charcter Lulu, I try to convey the ancient Viking philosophy of sprell to the reader. Sprell is the ability to put yourself in the mindset of jolliness. To form mental glaciers of ice cream in all flavor of jokes, that you can surf down with your pals on tandem skis of friendship, with the gooey chocolate sauce of goofs running behind you. Lulu is a character that embodies this philosophy, and my comics are about her weird way of thinking and the wild adventures that follow,” Neverdahl explained.

Neverdahl already has plenty of famous fans with Scott McCloud, creator of the seminal Understanding Comics, saying, “Ida Neverdahl made one of the coolest webcomics of the decade, and I can’t wait to see what she does next.”

My Little Pony’s Agnes Garbowska states, “Anyone who discovers Ida’s work gets hooked!” and we totally agree that once you read this super cute and cool comic you will be too.

Neverdahl’s art is simultaneously adorable, whimsical, and grotesque, a wholly unique blend that makes Jelly Vampire feel truly special. From snaking balloon tails to twinkling giant eyes to unicorns everywhere, you’ll instantly fall in love with Neverdahl’s amazing artistic style and entertaining storytelling.

Are you excited to check out this super cool comic? Do you have a favorite creator who’s currently kickstarting? Are you a burgeoning comics creator yourself? Jump into our comments and let us know!

The Jelly Vampire Kickstarter is now live and you can support it here!

Images: Emet Comics

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