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James Gunn Gets Worked Up Explaining That Groot Died and Baby Groot is His Son

Try as they might, fans are still struggling to understand the actual relationship between Groot and Baby Groot. Are they one and the same? Are they father and son? Is one a clone of the other? Though James Gunn has already tried to clear this matter up for fans a number of times, the Guardians of the Galaxy took to Twitter once again to answer this question once and for all.

It all started with a meme asking readers to choose between Baby Groot or a porg in an if-you-could-only-save-one scnenario. Gunn RIGHTFULLY pointed out that such a question is as silly as asking if you’d save a sentient, intelligent friend or a penguin. Naturally, this conversation opened the door to the common misconception that Groot didn’t actually die in the first film.

This led to a whole lot of separate questions and debates, including things that have seemed pretty obvious since the sequel was released.

Some fans came at Gunn with the “cloning defense” of the Groot = Baby Groot argument, but Gunn had a rebuttal for that one as well.

For reference: Boba Fett was a clone of his father Jango, but they weren’t the same person. They had different experiences, knowledge, desires, and personalities. (Ditto Barbra’s dogs.)

What’s more, the reading of Groot and Baby Groot as two separate entities is imperative to appreciating of the most powerful moments in the entire MCU: “We are Groot.”


Perhaps we can finally set this argument to rest now.

Did you know Baby Groot was a totally different Groot, or did you think they were one and the Groot? Tell us your Groot in the Groot section Groot.

Featured Image: Marvel

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