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Mark Hamill Could Be in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 3, Thanks to Twitter

Twitter may not always be a beacon of optimism and goodwill, but sometimes it really comes through for us in the most unexpected ways. For instance: how a simple request from a fan might result in director James Gunn finding a role for Mark Hamill in the next Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

It all started when one Twitter user made the kind of request that happens thousands of times every day online: asking for an actor he likes to be cast in a movie.

Fortunately for him—and us—he asked two of the most active social media users in Hollywood, who it turns out aren’t just game for the idea, but are real-life neighbors who can meet over coffee to discuss it!

If this interaction had ended there it would have been something fun to talk about, but Gunn and Hamill seem committed to really trying to make this work.

Gunn’s Guardians films have used pop culture nostalgia with tremendous success, both with ’70s rock music and cameos from the likes of Sylvester Stallone, so we’re not surprised he would be up for this. Plus, now that Luke’s been officially axed off in the Star Wars universe, he’ll have ample time to play around in other film franchises.

So good job internet! The only thing missing here is the perfect reaction. Wait a second… I think we got one:

Maybe the internet is good now.

Do you want to see Mark Hamill in the next Guardians of the Galaxy? Don’t DM us, tell us why in the comments below.

Featured Image: Disney

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