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Is a SQUIRREL GIRL TV Show a Mistake for Marvel?

Fans have been pushing for Marvel to put Squirrel Girl on the live-action screen for a very long time now, with many hoping she’d give the MCU its own Deadpool-esque comedy movie (though obviously not an R-rated one). News broke on Wednesday that the wish was coming true… but not quite. Squirrel Girl will be one member of a 10-episode New Warriors series on the former ABC Family network, now called Freeform. While we’re stoked to see Doreen Green getting her chance, is a team TV show on a basic cable channel really the best fit? We get to the bottom of it on today’s Nerdist News!

Host Jessica Chobot–herself a contender for best superhero on the internet–breaks down why Squirrel Girl maybe got short shrift. First, there’s the network of choice. Marvel’s had great success on Netflix, and ABC’s Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the late lamented Agent Carter found strong fan bases, but Freeform as a network is certainly not known for comic book stories. Unless you consider lying while pretty a super power.


Moreover, the show will be a half-hour comedy rather than an hour-long drama with comedic elements. Half-hour works for a superhero cartoon series, but we can’t foresee a ton of rich storytelling in that format, especially if it’s also got to factor in the other as-yet-unnamed members of New Warriors. And even if the tone change could add some much-needed variety to the MCU’s near-decade-old format, the choice of Cougar Town co-creator Kevin Biegel as showrunner also doesn’t fill us with a ton of hope. He’s not even the co-creator who made Scrubs and Clone High!

Even all those apprehensions aside, the main issue at hand is shoving such a fan favorite as Squirrel Girl into a team TV show, especially since she’s never even been a member of the New Warriors! It seems to us that Marvel just didn’t know what to do with her. But hey, we’ll certainly put on our ears and tail and give the show a chance, even if we think it’s not the chance Squirrel Girl should have been given.

Squirrel Girl

But what do you think? Is a TV series the best fit for Squirrelly G? Should Marvel have pulled the trigger and given her the movie so many fans wanted? Let’s discuss!

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