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The Collection: Jurassic Pork, a Buncha Movies, and Cumberbatch

Another week starts with another dip into The Collection, with a bunch o’ stuff I didn’t have time for last week while I frantically scrambled to get ready for another Vegas convention, which is where I am right now. Imagine Vegas with every ounce of fun sucked out of it and that’s my life at the moment. But I won’t let that take away YOUR fun, will I? No, I will not. Let’s see what’s in the bag, shall we?

First, our friends Chrysta and Dale at Dishing On Movies were inspired by the 3D release of Jurassic Park to try a recipe for… yes, Jurassic Pork. In amber, no less:

Did we say Jurassic Park? Dr. Ian Malcolm remixed it into this, which one commenter called Rex-Step:

Next, a buncha trailers. The Carrie remake. Not sure it needed remaking, but here ya go:

Another trailer for Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby, if you’re into it. Me, the mere mention of Baz Luhrmann is problematic, as is using modern music for a story so clearly set in another era, but that’s just me, I guess:

Here’s the latest of several TV spots for 42, which I’ll disclaim with the note that it’s made by Legendary Pictures, which owns Nerdist Industries. Nevertheless, there’s a lot of interest in the movie, so here. And if you’re not a baseball fan, the Jackie Robinson story is still a fascinating one, plus you can go see if you think the CGI versions of the old ballparks are realistic enough for you:

Seth Rogen, Danny McBride, and Craig Robinson are promoting This Is The End with a contest to do a free screening at a lucky college:

And finally, here’s something that’s been out there for about a month but is worth a look, Richard W. Scott’s recut of a trailer for The Hangover reimagined as a horror movie:

I’d go see that. But the same guy did Batman Begins as sort of a comedy:

That, I’d skip.

Oh, one more thing in case you missed it, from the Cumberbatch Bureau: Guillermo del Toro’s Crimson Peak (another Legendary production) is in the casting process, and joining Emma Stone and Charlie Hunnam in the haunted house flick is… yes, Sherlock, it’s Benedict Cumberbatch, according to a report in Variety. Apparently, he’s in everything now. It’s a Cumberbatch world; we just live in it.

Contributor: Charlene Jimenez

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