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IRON FIST Stars Address Casting Controversy and Tease Possible Spinoffs

With fans more vocal than ever about the need for inclusive representation in genre properties, the martial-arts drama series Iron Fist found itself uncomfortably in the crosshairs. Though the comics about Danny “Iron Fist” Rand traditionally featured a white hero, some fired up Marvel fans urged Netflix to update the role, in hopes of bringing an Asian hero to the growing Marvel TV universe.

So, when Game of Thrones‘ Knight of the Flowers, Finn Jones, was announced as Iron Fist‘s lead, there was outcry. This has only continued on Twitter as the show’s released early images and its premiere trailer. For his part, Jones gets why people are angry. But he wishes they’d give Iron Fist a chance before rushing to judgement.

“I understand the need for more
diversity in television and films.” – Finn Jones

Speaking to Nerdist about the upcoming Netflix series, Jones said of the casting controversy, “I understand where this frustration comes from. I understand the need for more diversity in television and films, especially for Asian actors. I understand that frustration. I agree with it, and I stand in solidarity with that voice. Now what frustrated me about this particular case is that people haven’t seen the show. They don’t know what we’re doing it with it. And actually, what we’re doing with it is very interesting and we’re tackling issues of what people are upset about. Danny is not a white savior. Danny can’t even save himself, let alone an entire race of people.”


Nerdist not only sat down with Jones, but also his Iron Fist co-stars, including Game of Thrones’s Jessica Henwick, who went from vicious Sand Snake to the butt-kicking Colleen Wing, and David Wenham, Jessica Stroup, and Tom Pelphrey, who portray the duplicitous Meachum clan. With them, we dug into complicated relationship between Danny and the Meachums, the family’s daddy issues, how Iron Fist compares to Game of Thrones, and if that clip of Colleen cage-fighting is paving the way for a Daughters of the Dragon spinoff with Misty Knight.

What do you want to see in Iron Fist? 

Image: Netflix

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