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IRON FIST Trailer, New Netflix Series, and More TV News

IRON FIST Trailer, New Netflix Series, and More TV News

Are you ready to learn about all the Netflix things? All. I counted. Today’s TV-Cap has the first full length trailer for Iron Fist, a first look video featuring Colleen Wing in the Marvel show, premiere dates for all sorts of Netflix series (including Bill Nye Saves the World), and non-Netflix news. Huzzah!

Coming Home. There’s nothing like coming home to reclaim your rightful place at the head of your father’s fortune-500 company, only to have to fight your way to the top. The first full length trailer for Marvel’s Iron Fist introduces Danny Rand and his journey to reclaim his company and embrace his destiny. The final Defender is here. And also: Colleen Wing looks like a badass. [Nerdist]

On the Wings of Punches. Okay, Colleen Wing is a badass. This newly released sneak peek showing her use her mad skills proves it.

And now for the rest o’ the Netflix scoop:

Five by Five. Season five of Orange Is the New Black is coming to Netflix this summer, and it looks to be as packed with drama as ever. You can return to Litchfield Penitentiary on June 9.

Something Survives. Netflix has given the greenlight to a second season of The OA withThe OA: Part II. That’s good, because we have a list of things we want to see in the series. You can read that here at Nerdist.

Pedal to the Floor. Netflix has announced another new original series and this one is a stop-motion comedy from the creators of Care Bears and the animators behind Robot Chicken (Stoopid Buddy Studios). Yep. Meet Buddy Thunderstruck.

More Love. Netflix picked up Legendary’s Judd Apatow series Love for two seasons from the start, but now they’ve given the comedy starring Paul Rust and Gillian Jacobs a renewal by ordering a third season.

[Note: Nerdist is a subsidiary of Legendary Digital Entertainment.]

So Much Laughing. Bill Nye is back, thank goodness, with an original series on Netflix. The first trailer is here and showcases topics (sex, global warming, GMOs) and special guests (Rachel Bloom, Alton Brown, Joel McHale). Oh boy. Bill Nye Saves the World arrives on April 21. [Nerdist]

Dreaming Big. Legion arrives on FX on February 8, and if it’s successful, maybe it will mean more X-Men on TV. A girl can hope. But who should a series focus on? Eric has some suggestions right this way.

An Undead Chat. Author Anne Rice has released a new title in The Vampire Chronicles (it’s the 14th one, by the way–no big deal) and her books are slated to be adapted for television. In short, she has a lot going on. And hey, Eric talked to her about it all. Read the interview here at Nerdist.

Beginning of the End. The fifth and final season of Orphan Black has a premiere date: the drama will return to BBC America on June 10. [TVLine]

LEGO Tie-Ins. With The Lego Batman Movie arriving on February 10, the promotional wheel is spinning. They’re using their Warner Bros. power to tie in the film where they can. Above, you’ll see an altered version of the Legends of Tomorrow end card with Batman, and a gag with LEGO Batman stopping by The Big Bang Theory.

Work It Out. I don’t talk about Jane the Virgin often in TV-Cap, but given the events of “Chapter Fifty Four,” some of you might need a hug. I’m here to give that to you (and to myself) with this interview at Variety with the series showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman about that big ol’ twist.

Heroic Tuesdays. Tuesday night delivered new installments of Marvel and DC shows, and Joseph recapped both of them. Read what he had to say about Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and The Flash.

Do you use a spreadsheet or an app or anything to track which Netflix shows you need to watch next? Tell me about it in the comments. No judgment.

Featured Image: Netflix

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