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INSIDE OUT Minus the “Inside” = Even More Crushing Sadness

It’s one of the great mysteries of Inside Out, the first time you see it: without the cartoons in her head voiced by famous comedians, just how interesting is Riley’s life in the real world anyway? As the result of a request on Reddit, editor Jordan Hanzon has made a 15-minute “Outside” cut that eliminates all the inner-mind adventures and dreams, and shows us just the life of Riley.

Inside Out: Outside Edition from Jordan Hanzon on Vimeo

While nothing in the above video, content-wise, is technically “NSFW”–this is still Pixar, after all–be forewarned that as a rough cut, it features some drastic shifts in volume, and you might want to wait to watch it on your home or personal device.

[Warning: A few completely predictable Inside Out spoilers follow. Just in case you haven’t seen it yet but want to.]

But boy, is it worth a look. Pixar might want to consider a smoother version of this on a future deluxe anniversary Blu-ray. The beginning montage of Riley’s early childhood and drawing of Bing Bong plays like the beginning of Up. (If you’ve seen Up, you know stuff is going to get depressing at a moment’s notice.) And that shadow hovers over your viewing right up to the point where it’s clear Riley is trying so hard to be happy that she has to break eventually, and the moving van, which is now the unseen archvillain of the piece, gets absurdly delayed and diverted yet again.

Even the upbeat ending feels like David Lynch absurdity here. Though this might be guilt by association since Kyle MacLachlan is in both, it recalls the exaggeratedly sunny finale of Blue Velvet, in which the returning robin is grotesquely false and mechanical. It can be read a number of ways, minus the context of the full film: is Riley happy now because she has banished all thoughts of her previous life? Have her parents just decided to go all-in on the pretense of happiness, and is she playing along or merely fooled by them?

Now I really want David Lynch to do a Pixar film. And it will, never, ever happen. David Lynch working for Disney? Don’t be absurd…

Okay, so maybe there’s a slender hope.

How do you interpret this new 15-minute edit? Tell us your new-context fan theories in the comments below.

HT: Gizmodo

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