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Inked Wednesday #86 – Celebrating STAR WARS Day

Allow me to be the millionth person today to say: May the fourth be with you! It’s Star Wars Day and that seems like the best possible day to showcase tattoos from a galaxy far, far away for Inked Wednesday. To be honest, any time I put out a call for geeky tattoos, a huge percentage of them are inspired by Star Wars anyway. I see ink from the films (including The Force Awakens) and the animated series. BB-8 has been a popular choice from Episode VII—here he’s teamed up with Rey and Chewie in this adorable ink:


Rey and Chewie | Source: Ransom Designs, inked by JR Linton at Ink and Pistons Tattoo

They’re riding in a BB-8 balloon. A BB-alloon. Guyyyyys.

And then there’s this piece from The Clone Wars micro series. That’s not the same as Star Wars: The Clone Wars. (This one was produced by Genndy Tartakovsky.) It had a distinct, stylized look, and this tattoo shows off Luminara Unduli, Barriss Offee, and Shaak Ti as they were depicted in the cartoon:


Genndy’s Clone Wars | Source: Buffy Williamson

Buffy’s husband also has ink from Clone Wars; you can see it and more galactic Star Wars tattoos in the gallery below.


Do you have any nerdy tattoos? They don’t have to be Star Wars related. I’d love to include all of ’em in a future installment of Inked Wednesday. Get pics to me by leaving links in the comments, tagging or mentioning me on Instagram, or sending photos to me on Twitter. Be sure to credit your tattoo artist so I can spread the love.


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