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INFINITY WAR’s IMAX Poster Easter Eggs Has Fans Going Too Far

It feels like we’ve been waiting forever for Avengers: Infinity War to arrive. The wait is almost over, and fans have been hanging on every available clue to decipher who’s in the movie, who’s going to die, and other hidden secrets. Marvel dropped a new IMAX poster for Infinity War this week, and fans are going out of their minds about Easter eggs which may or may not even be there. Today’s Nerdist News uses the Time Stone to slow your roll and explain what’s going on.

Join guest host and the man who makes Thanos smile, Hector Navarro, as he shows off the cool IMAX poster. If the poster was simply designed to look good, there would be no problem. Unfortunately, fans were told the IMAX logo was hidden in the poster four times. Once they heard that, they rushed to find other Easter eggs in there. Inevitably, this led to a potential Ant-Man sighting on Thanos’ knuckle.

Sure, that’s totally Ant-Man. And if you magnify the view to include the Quantum Realm, then you’re gonna see the original Wasp in there too. Do you begin to see the absurdity of it? At this point, we could say the Fantastic Four are hidden in the poster’s stars behind the Avengers and someone would believe it.

So far, Ant-Man has been completely absent from Infinity War‘s promotional campaign. If he’s in the movie, it’s probably a cameo at best. The good news is we do know both Ant-Man and the Wasp will be around for Avengers 4. It’s just going to be another year until we see that movie.

What do you think about the IMAX Easter egg hunt? Let’s discuss in the comment section below!

Images: Marvel Studios

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