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The AVENGERS Are Lookin’ Fly in New INFINITY WAR Posters

It’s been ten years in the making, but we are finally a few scant weeks away from the biggest superhero battle in the history of cinema, when the Avengers prepare to protect Earth—and half the universe—from its greatest threat, Thanos, in Marvel’s Infinity War. But even though we wouldn’t miss it for the world (and we are so close to seeing it we can smell those infinity stones), Marvel is still promoting the film. Their latest promotions push offers new posters that show the characters looking ready to fight while looking very stylish. But do they contain any secrets? Including in who is missing?

Some of the movie’s stars tweeted out their new character posters (different from the last set) on Twitter Wednesday morning, and they like modern, neon-colored homages to Michelangelo’s David, featuring our heroes deep in thought as the fight begins. Here we see Captain America with his new, Wakanda-built shield.

Speaking of Wakanda, its greatest warriors are prepared to face the army of Thanos when they invade their home.

Black Widow also looks prepared, while Thanos’ “daughter” Gamora is already more than ready to wage war, as is Scarlet Witch.

Hopefully she doesn’t end up having to mourn this guy.

Strangely Don Cheadle looks angry at us. Don’t worry Don! We’re going to see the movie.

These posters are just as much about the film’s stars as it is their characters though, because they are all free of their masks so we can see their faces.

While these might be most about getting us hyped to see the team, we can’t help but read way (way) too much into the fact Doctor Strange has an orange glow in his hand. It’s probably/definitely NOT related to the soul stone. BUT WHAT IF IT IS?

But our favorite is Hawkeye’s poster!

No, we’re just kidding. No Hawkeye. But it’s not as weird this time, because (as of now at least) Black Panther, Quill, and Bucky don’t have their own postes either, and neither do Loki, Rocket, and Groot. Could that mean anything? Maybe not. BUT WHAT IF IT DOES?

Do you think we can learn anything new from these posters? Tell us what in the comments below.

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Featured Image: Marvel

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