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How J.J. Abrams Apple Watch Tweet Revealed New STAR WARS: EPISODE VII Details

Note: This post contains potential spoilers about Star Wars: Episode VII, so if you don’t want to know anything, then stop reading right now.

Well, well, well, J.J. Abrams, you thought you could send out a simple handwritten note about Apple’s new wearable Apple Watch and fans wouldn’t go crazy trying to break it down and overanalyze it? Think again! This is the Internet, pal, and we have way too much free time. In all seriousness though, Abrams knew exactly what he was doing when he tweeted this yesterday:

Now, as Meredith Woerner of io9 pointed out, Abrams has been doing a bang-up job of maintaining a solid online presence during the filming of Star Wars: Episode VII without giving too much away. His handwritten notes allow him to populate the background with subtle nods and Easter eggs that’ll get fans talking about more than just the contents of the note itself. And yesterday’s contained a doozy just sitting there in the background. If you notice the lighting pattern in the background, it looks awfully similar to the lighting design found inside the Empire’s greatest folly/worst thing that ever happened to Alderaan, the Death Star. One would assume after two failed attempts that the Empire would give up on their clearly flawed Death Star designs, especially as Rebel Forces have blown it to smithereens twice, but as they say, the third time’s the charm. And in some supremely spoiler-ific news, Airbourne Aviation, an aviation school located in southern England spotted this familiar aircraft during a recent flight. Which one? The motherf–king Millennium Falcon!


We know you’re supposed to let the Wookiee win, but this definitely feels like a victory for us.

What do you think? Would you like to see the Death Star Mk. 3 make an appearance? Let us know in the comments below.

[HT: io9]

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  1. partick says:

    bring on the world devastators -dark empire tpb

  2. jack says:

    what about the death star mark 47?

  3. Scott Filgo says:

    You’re jumping to conclusions, Internet! But that’s your thing, so…All we know is that this suggests general Imperial architecture of some kind and some location.No surprise. Please, no DS-3!!

  4. AP says:

    aNOTHER death star???  Can’t we be a bit more inventive?  Heck, if you can’t, just use elements from the books…like the Sun Crusher…or Centerpoint Station…to heck with the Death Star.

  5. Joe says:

    Could just be leftover materials from the unifished Death Star.

  6. Mark says:

    I don’t know if that’s yet another Death Star, but one thing is for certain…. that’s no moon.

  7. Liz Waldrip says:

    i, for one, knew the Millennium Falcon was going to be in the movie – its door fell on Harrison Ford and sent him to the hospital.  And it just kind of figures that there would be X-Wings.  Not sure if I want another Death Star or not.  I’ll have to think on that one…

  8. g says:

    Suncrusher, please and thanks

  9. sagax says:

    “an flying school”

  10. It doesn’t have to be the Death Star. That lighting pattern is common in most Imperial installations and starships. 

  11. BEND says:

    Could be filming flashback scenes. We know Vader is in this installment which would suggest some backstory.

  12. ThisGuyRightHere says:

    “Oh, just build another one? Who’s gonna pay for it, jackhole? Do you have an ATM in that Lite Brite torso of yours?”

    • Casey says:

      Robot Chicken. Brilliant.

    • Matt Lee says:

      Now get your 7’2″ asthmatic ass back here before I tell everyone what a winy bitch you were about Padamame or Panda Bear or whatever the hell her name is. (Oh jeeze, he’s crying! Hahaha)

  13. Lenje says:

    Honestly, I wouldn’t want to see one unless it’s because it was found inside of the Maw Instillation D:

  14. Saeed says:

    Even if the Death Star doesn’t make an appearance, the fact that they are building a Millennium Falcon warms my heart to no end.