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Horror Happenings: PREACHER Going to Series at AMC, McG Lines Up Horror Comedy, and More!

Lots of horror news broke this week as we find Nerdoween right around the corner. Without further adieu, let’s get to it!

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s Preacher Adaptation Is Going to Series at AMC

While not surprising, it is official: Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s adaptation of the cult favorite comic Preacher will be going to series at AMC. Rogen announced the pick-up via his Twitter account last week and the network later confirmed that it gave the genre-bending show starring Dominic Cooper a ten episode order. It is expected to air in the late spring of 2016.

Joel Stillerman, who is the president of original programming and development for both AMC and SundanceTV, expressed his enthusiasm for the project saying, “Garth Ennis’ Preacher is, above all, about great characters – something we look for in all of our series. The fact that it is also darkly funny, has some great supernatural elements, and takes us on an incredible adventure is just the icing on the cake.”

HT: Deadline

McG Will Direct Horror-Comedy The Babysitter

Say what you will about McG–and I’m sure you’ll say a lot–but in addition to a great human IRL, he’s also a great producer and I think a pretty fun director. So, I happen to be very excited about the news that he will be stepping behind the camera on an upcoming horror-comedy called The Babysitter from an original script that appeared on the 2014 Blacklist. According to THR, The Babysitter “follows a twelve-year-old boy and his babysitter on a night where things go very wrong, with the boy learning a few lessons about life, love, and murder along the way.”

Every filmmaker has hits and misses but I think McG happens to be a very talented pop director and I’m excited for him to dip his toe into the genre world officially after executive producing TV favorites like Supernatural and Chuck. Horror comedies are no easy feat, but this one could have a shot at being a really good time.

Suspiria Remake Finally Finds Director

Horror fans have been hearing for years that Dario Argento’s classic Suspiria would be getting a remake. For a long time, David Gordon Green was attached to direct, the film being a passion project of his for a long time. He’s said recently that he would not be sitting in the director’s chair after all, instead producing for a different director. This week A Bigger Splash director Luca Guadagnino spoke to Empire Magazine about his take on the horror favorite.

“I think it changed me forever. I was obsessed [with Argento] through all my adolescence. [My version] is going to be set in Berlin in 1977. It’s going to be about the mother and the concept of motherhood and about the uncompromising force of motherhood. It’s going to be about finding your inner voice – the title is very evocative on these grounds.” He continued, elaborating on how his interpretation would differ from Argento’s, adding, “I have a very strong interest in German literature and film, so I think [my] Suspiria will have to focus very strongly on that moment in history, in 1977, when Germany was divided and a new generation was claiming and asking to recognise the debt of guilt that forged the new Germany after the war against the fathers who wanted to deny the responsibility.”

What say you, horror fans? Excited or at least intrigued by Guadagnino’s comments? Call it blasphemous but I’d actually like to see this take on Suspiria. There are no casting announcements as of yet, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Nerdist Presents The Hive Hits Theaters In The US For One Night Only Tomorrow!

Last, but certainly not least, you may have heard that we’ve got a horror movie coming to theaters! Nerdist Presents The Hive is coming to select cinemas across the US for one night only tomorrow, Monday, September 14 in a Fathom Premiere event. Kick off Halloween with the Nerdist team and get your tickets now!

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Clarke Wolfe writes “Horror Happenings” for Nerdist every Sunday. You can follow her on Twitter @clarkewolfe.

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