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HARRY POTTER Meets MEAN GIRLS In This Hilarious Mash-Up

Hermione’s hair is so big because it’s full of secrets! Her secrets probably have more to do with the history of Hogwarts and not gossip about other people (she’s not like Regina George), but still. That’s just one example of how wonderful it is when you squish together the world of Harry Potter and Mean Girls. Having only seen Mean Girls for the first time last summer (I know), I didn’t used to get any of the jokes or references about wearing pink on Wednesdays. But now that I’m in the club, I think this mash-up is priceless.

Once I learned about the Harry Potter and Mean Girls combination, I spent a not insignificant amount of time looking through gifs on Tumblr and making my side hurt from laughing so hard. It all started with an article on BuzzFeed, and I couldn’t stop. Some of my favorites:


Gif via Daley Prophet

Dolores Umbridge is such a fan of the color pink that I’m surprised she didn’t make it a school rule for students to buy pink robes.


via Lovelyish

See, it’s like it was meant to be!


Gif via Daley Prophet

110714_HarryPotter_MeanGirls_Harry Potter

via labyrinthphan97


via d-sea

The best part about this mash-up/meme is that people don’t always paste exact quotes from Mean Girls onto the stills from Harry Potter. They adjust the lines to fit the setting and that makes the jokes all the more hysterical.

Do you have any ideas for Harry Potter and Mean Girls mash-ups or any particularly awesome ones to share? Share links in the comments, please! Prove to me I’m not alone in finding these funny.

HT: @PhysicistLisa

Featured Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

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