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10 Holiday Gifts for the GAME OF THRONES Fan in Your Life

Winter is here, and that means it’s time to make some mulled wine and gather round the weirwood tree to sing that classic noel “The Rains of Castemere.” But because we know the holiday season can sneak up on you like a Dothraki horde, and sometimes you know nothing about what to buy for someone, we’re here to help you find the perfect gift for that special Game of Thrones fan in your life.

Whether you need something for your office exchange, a stocking stuffer, a present to place under the tree, or something that will make a big splash like Bronn tackling Jaime into the river, these are some of the best items we found from the Seven Kingdoms and beyond for your 2017 Game of Thrones Holiday Gift Guide.

Iron Throne Christmas Ornament

A show about dragons and zombie ice demons doesn’t exactly lend itself to the most wonderful time of the year, but this four-inch Iron Throne ornament from Hot Topic is the perfect way combine Westeros and Christmas. This would be a great white elephant gift, so long as people don’t start killing each other to claim it. ($14.50)

“I Drink and I Know Things” Stein

You know what helps deal with holiday stress? Alcohol. And what better way to enjoy a mug of dark beer than out of a ceramic, House Lannister-appropriate gold-trimmed stein featuring one of Tyrion’s best quotes. You can get this at Moneyline Tees, and they also have other types of glassware featuring both this quote and others from the show, so you can get just the right combo for the lucky person you give this to. Especially if that person is you. ($19.99)

Lady Olenna “It Was Me” T-Shirt

You might have noticed that lots of characters on the show die, but few of them went out like a total badass the way Lady Olenna did when she admitted to Jaime she was the person who poisoned Joffrey. And you can commemorate her great final moment with this fantastic “deal with it” inspired t-shirt from Drunk Girl Designs. It comes in both white and heather grey. ($21-$22.50)

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms by George R.R. Martin

Even if you are only a show watcher and haven’t read the novels, this collection of George R.R. Martin’s three prequel “Dunk and Egg” novellas is a must read (here’s a quick primer on Dunk and Egg). Not only are the stories fantastic, they offer amazing insight into what Westeros was like before Robert’s Rebellion and the Mad King, but with all of the palace intrigue and fighting you love. And despite taking place 100 years before the show, it also has a number of connections to Game of Thrones that make watching the show even better. It is available at book stores everywhere. (E-Book $15.00, Print $22-$30)

Dragon Egg Wine Stoppers

Some people prefer Daenerys, some prefer Cersei, but these attractive dragon eggs wine stoppers from the HBO Store are a perfect present no matter which queen they support. These are replicas of the eggs Jorah gave to Daenerys at her wedding to Khal Drogo, and your empty bottle of Pinot Noir will be an exact replica of any wine bottle to ever come within 50 feet of Cersei. ($39.99)

“Hold the Door” Welcome Mat

Do I think this handmade “Hold the Door” doormat is funny? No. No I do not. But your heartless friends and family members who don’t get overly emotional every time they hear the phrase will love it. This 36 x 24-inch coir material welcome mat is available at Black Butterfly Signs, and since they are custom-made you could even order one with another Game of Thrones quote, maybe one that doesn’t make visitors cry. ($45.00)

House Stark Sigil LED Table Lamp

Things were dark for House Stark for a long time, but now that the family fortunes have brightened what better way to show you are a loyal North man than with this direwolf sigil LED lamp from BoxLunch. This sleek table lamp is a little over 14 inches in diameter and would really help when you’re writing urgent scrolls during the Long Night. ($69.90)

Custom-Made Cutting Board

If there’s one thing George R.R. Martin loves writing about more than beloved characters dying in soul-crushing fashion, it’s describing every single detail of the food they eat. That’s why this handmade, customized cutting board from Wedding Gift Boutique is especially appropriate for book readers. It’s practical, but also works as a gorgeous decorative piece for any kitchen. It comes in a wide range of sizes and wood options, so you can find the right priced gift for your needs. ($25-$92)

Framed Map of Westeros and Essos

Despite what season seven might have led you to believe, the World of Ice and Fire is massive, and this 22 x 30 inch, wood-framed map from the HBO Store offers a beautiful way to study those lands while also making for an elegant piece of home decor. It’s also great in a pinch when you need a visual aid to back up why you’re so mad a dragon flew from Dragonstone to the Wall that fast. ($149.99)

Replica Stainless Steel Oathkeeper Sword

We could have chosen any number of officially licensed, high-end replica weapons, costumes, or props from Valyrian Steel, like their wearable fiberglass Hound’s Helm or this Night’s Watch Dragonglass Dagger Set, but our choice is their 41.5 inch long stainless steel copy of Oathkeeper made with a bronze plated hilt. This is the Valyrian Steel sword commissioned by Tywin Lannister for Jaime, who then gave it to Brienne during one of the show’s most emotional in a good way moments. It comes with a wooden mount painted with the House Tarth coat of arms. In many ways this item encompasses everything about the show–the brutality, the complicated relationships, the history, and the way to defeat the White Walkers. It makes for an elegant collectible for your home or office. ($270.00)

So seven blessings to you this holiday season! We hope this guide helped, especially because all of these can be delivered by raven. The King’s Road can be overcrowded with shoppers who make the White Walkers look peaceful in comparison this time of year.

But what are some other great Game of Thrones presents you’d recommend? Share them with us and your fellow House Nerdist bannermen and bannerwomen in the comments below.

Images: HBO, Hot Topic, Moneyline Tees, Drunk Girl Designs, Black Butterfly Signs, BoxLunch, Wedding Gift Boutique, Valyrian Steel

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