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GAME OF THRONES’ 7th Season Comes Alive in Beautiful Death Posters

Game of Thrones‘ seventh season might not have felt as deadly as past years, and yet it started with a mass poisoning, had a huge naval attack, featured thousands of people being burned alive by dragonflame, and oh yeah, the Night King killed Viserion. That’s a lot of deaths. But it’s not that we need to see people (and dragons) get killed, it’s just that without all of that carnage we wouldn’t have another season of artist Robert Ball’s stunning Beautiful Death series.

We’ve covered Ball’s fantastic pieces before, where he highlights certain deaths from individual episodes, and this year’s were as good as ever. He once again managed to make acts of the macabre into masterpieces of mayhem. As always, a big part of what makes these so good (beyond how great they look) are the incredible details, like how “Walder Frey’s” throat is slit in the poster for the season’s first episode, and “his” reflection in the ice is a wolf.

Dragonstone: Season 7, Episode 1

We didn’t think we could enjoy Arya’s House Frey toast anymore than we did, but we were wrong.

Of course, this season was the first time the biggest death wasn’t a person, but a creature. Watching the Night King bring down Viserion with his magical ice javelin wasn’t easy, but Ball’s piece commemorating it is a lot more enjoyable to look at.

Beyond the Wall: Season 7, Episode 6

At least something good came out of the Night King getting a dragon.

You can find the rest of his season seven works in our gallery below. If you want to work your way through the entire series (trust us, you do) all of his past pieces are on the Beautiful Death website.

Because death doesn’t always have to be so ugly.

Which poster from this season is your favorite? What about from past years? Draw up your thoughts in our comments below.


Images: Beautiful Death/Robert Ball


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