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GAME OF THRONES Pancake Art Is Worthy of the Gods Old and New

Winter is coming… So make sure you’re ready for it with a hearty breakfast, because the last thing in the world you want to worry about when you’re facing down an army of blue-eyed icemen and their undead soldiers is an empty stomach.

Fortunately for us, we know just the chef to get you ready for the coming war between the light and the dark: Dr. Dan the Pancake Man (Daniel Drake), the world’s leading (only?) expert on portrait art using batter and a griddle. Drake and his friend Hank Gustafason make up the team behind Dancakes. In this video, we get to see some of our favorite (and some of our most hated) Game of Thrones characters come to life with this unique and appetizing art form.

On the menu is Bran, Tyrion, Ramsay (who we assume ate the Theon pancake), Melisandre, Brienne (which we know Tormund would order), Baelish, Jaime, Sansa (which most likely is lemon cake flavored), Davos, blind Arya, short-haired Cersei, Daenerys, Jon (who comes back after you eat him…maybe), and the Night’s King.

This isn’t the first time they’ve tackled the Seven Kingdoms either. Last year they shared their “death pancakes,” reenacting character deaths from the first four seasons in flapjack form.

“Crown for pancake.”

Kind of fun, right? Well, their newest one might not make you feel quite as good.

Too soon! Too soon! And, for the record, it will be too soon for the rest of eternity. No more “Hold the door” jokes ever, not even when delivered by pancake.

What other Game of Thrones characters would you like to see cooked up? Flip into the comments below to let us know. And now, we turn our sights to the only Game of Thrones character who deserves better than to be immortalized via breakfast grains:

Images: Dancakes

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