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Be Lord Commander of the Rain With a GAME OF THRONES Longclaw Umbrella

The night is dark…and it is going to be pouring cats and dragons out there so make sure you have an umbrella with you if you’re heading out.

What better way to avoid the Rains of Castemere, or rains anywhere in the known world, than with an umbrella inspired by Longclaw, the Valyrian steel sword bestowed to Jon Snow by Jeor Mormont.

Umbrella-longclawThis officially licensed Game of Thrones piece comes exclusively from ThinkGeek, and it has a “handle carved like the hilt of Longclaw with plastic gemstone eyes.” The umbrella itself is black with a Game of Thrones logo on it, because you have to make sure you can properly accessorize when you’re manning the Wall as a brother of the Night’s Watch.

Fortunately you won’t need a Master-at-Arms to wield this Longclaw, and they also point out it “never needs sharpening (not because it’s made from Valyrian steel but because it’s an umbrella).” Fair point.

The umbrella is 34.5″ long with a 41″ diameter and will run you 30 dollars.

If you decide to get one, you might also want to grab one of their Jon Snow fur hoodies and make sure you’re ready for any inclement weather, because, as we all well know, winter is coming. Plus sometimes you just need to cosplay and be pragmatic.

What other Game of Thrones sword would you like to see made into an umbrella? What about another item? Maybe an Arya’s Needle sewing kit? Tell us your best idea in the comments section below.

Images: ThinkGeek

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