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Here’s Your First Look at BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN’s Batmobile

Well, more like here’s your first partial peek at the Batmobile in Batman vs. Superman. The highly anticipated (and highly confusing-looking) follow-up to 2013’s Man of Steel has been leaking a steady stream of casting announcements over the past few months, but today’s reveal is somehow the most exciting yet. Earlier today, director Zack Snyder sent the internet — and our office — into a tizzy by tweeting a picture of a partially revealed Batmobile with some cryptic text about a potential full reveal tomorrow.

In the words of our own Ben Mekler, “It looks like the Tumbler mixed with the Batman Forever Batmobile mixed with one of the dune buggies from Mad Max.” That being said, I’m kind of okay with this. Currently, Patrick Tatopoulous is listed as the film’s production designer and with a production design resume including Dark City, Stargate, and the Godzilla redesign, I feel like Bruce Wayne’s whip is in good hands.

Personally, my favorite versions of the Batmobile have been somewhere between the stylized Lamborghini hearse of Batman: The Animated Series and the battle-readiness of Batman Begins’ Tumbler. We’ll have a much better idea of what to expect tomorrow, but in the meantime, let us know what your favorite version of the Batmobile is in the comments below.

Batman vs. Superman hits theaters on May 6, 2016.

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  1. so now making things look like the joel schumacher flicks is a GOOD thing? 

  2. TheBigD says:

    It looks more like the design from the game Arkham Asylum.

  3. samocz says:

    nope … !

  4. Ronald Pant says:

    My favorites are, TAS Batmobile and the 1989 Batmobile. Both of those captured the perfect balance between cool, function, etc.

    Even though the Batmobile from Return is basically the same, it was a lousy version. The shields engaged like they were high, and apparently the security on it had more holes than Swiss Cheese.

  5. Ethan says:


  6. Joey Hill says:

    I want the tumbler back. That back fin in the Schumacher movies has to go. Seriously. It’s terrible.

  7. Kit says:

    The ‘Batman Begins’ Tumbler was by far the best. 

  8. Kam Miller says:

    And just like that, everyone will be refreshing Snyder’s Twitter feed tomorrow…

  9. ive always been more of a frank miller batman fan and thats what we got with the last 3 movies it showed that comic book movies can be dark and with more grit and substances so its not a genre that people think is just for kids or the brainless that just want to see big explosions now this movies going to come out and flush all that down the drain 

  10. Ben Gay says:

    If Affleck is driving it, it sucks,

  11. I hadn’t thought about there being a new Batmobile in this, but if I had, I wouldn’t have pictured this.

    I’ll reserve judgement on it til we see it in all its glory tomorrow, but I think its a pretty big indicator of where this movie is going.

    The Nolan movies were exactly what Batman needed on film after B&R, and TDK is a stone cold classic, but, and this is not post-Nolan backlash, they lacked joy.

    Now, when I refer to joy in regard to Batman, it’s a couched term, I’m not talking the ‘Bloopy-rays and inflated heads’ of the fifties, or even the knowing camp of the 60s, I mean that even though Batman is a serious character, with a traumatic back-story, who has lived with physical and emotional pain, he wears a cape, and drives a car with wings on it.

    It’s that balance that I love, he flies in, in a plane that matches the symbol on his chest, but when he gets out, he’s focused, grim, determined and demands to be taken seriously.

    There is joy in that.

    This car, which from behind looks like a blend of the Tumbler and Keaton’s rides, shows an acceptance of that joy, and a debt to the films that have made this movie a possibility, and that makes the Bat-fan in me, pretty happy.

  12. This Looks pretty good. Really excited about possibly seeing a costume, I mean its been almost a year since the movie was announced. The information about this movie has been painfully slow.

  13. garydavison says:

    Tatopoulous worked on the Stargate film not the TV show.

  14. Dustin says:

    I’m more in the Burton movies / Animated series camp… but I have to say I like what I’ve seen of this one so far.

  15. Seán Fuller says:

    You could have the best Bat Mobile ever, but it loses value every time Ben Affleck sits in it.

  16. I have to say, as a child of the seventies, I grew up watching reruns of the campy sixties version of Batman.  For that reason alone I have to say that the two seater version with the jet-plane canopies and rocket on the tail is still my favorite.  However, that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to take a spin in the Tumbler!