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Help Crowdfund Supremely Raunchy Jay and Silent Bob Video Game

“I mean, a Jay and Silent Bob video game? Who would pay to play that?”

Yesterday, equity crowdfunding site Fig opened up its campaign for a Jay and Silent Bob-themed video to the masses. It’s called Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch, and is “a colorful side-scrolling tag-team beat-em-up where players swap back and forth between our heroes on the fly or perform special moves simultaneously with a friend.” In other words, it’s a badass arcade-style video game with plenty of cursing, fighting, blunt smokin’, and more cursing.


A brainchild of Interabang Entertainment, Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch is based on Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes’ iconic duo (from Mall Rats, Chasing Amy, Clerks, etc.). Chronic Blunt Punch’s goal is a relatively reasonable $400,000.

While Fig’s equity investment campaigns had previously only been open to wealthy individuals—those making $200,000 or more a year, or with $1 million in total assets—Chronic Blunt Punch will be open to anybody, starting with contributions as small as $10 (which will get your name in the video game credits, along with a “fatty thank you…”).

As for the game itself, the goal is to “Destroy your enemies with fists, feet, and the magic of self-esteem destroying shit talk while you embark on a mission to find your long lost pot customers trapped in an Orwellian shopping center.” Developers liken the gameplay to Godhand and Marvel vs. Capcom, and say that the tag team mechanics are similar to that of Donkey Kong Country. There’s also a “Convo Combo mechanic” that allows players to “alter a branching story line and shape the outcome of boss interactions through fast-paced, dirty dozen, insult-driven combat.” Again, there’s going to be a lot of cursing.


If you want to help Chronic Blunt Punch get off the ground (off the couch?), you can donate to the campaign here. You can also check out Smith, Mewes, Interabang creative director Justin Woodward, and “legendary video game designer” Feargus Urquhart discuss the video game in the pitch video above.

What do you think about Jay and Silent Bob getting their own video game? Is it snootch to the bootch or little too bootchie snootchies? Snoothchie the bootch in the comments section below!

HT: Polygon

Images: Interabang Entertainment via Fig

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