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Gaming Daily: FALLOUT 4 Still Holds an Undiscovered Secret

Next Saturday is the official Pokémon Day, the twentieth anniversary of the now-venerable franchise. This Friday is especially fantastic because of the launch of new Fire Emblem installments, but I’m also excited that we’re so close to being able to download the original pocket monster RPGs on the 3DS.

In today’s Gaming DailyFallout 4 still has an unfound secret, a new Assassin’s Creed book series will launch later this year, new details about Hideo Kojima‘s next game emerge, Portal‘s Chell and Half-Life‘s Gordan Freeman duke it out over cake, and Quantum Break has gone gold.

Fallout 4 FEAT

Fallout 4 still has an undiscovered secret

According to Todd Howard’s remarks during last night’s D.I.C.E. Summit, there’s still an undiscovered secret in Fallout 4. Well, consider me intrigued. Howard’s only hint was that it pertained to a terminal. You hear that? That’s the sound of the Fallout 4 community scouring all of the Commonwealth to find the computer in question.

I’m going to be honest, this does surprise me. There are so many people that have poured an insane amount of hours into the game, and have uncovered a wealth of hidden treasures, so it’s surprising that there’s still something no one has found yet. That’s just a testament to how vast Fallout 4 truly is. Unfortunately no other hints were shared, but I suspect someone will figure it out soon. What special prize do you think you’ll get after finding the secret?

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Image Credit: Bethesda


Assassin’s Creed book series coming soon

A new young adult book series based on the Assassin’s Creed universe is coming in September. Entitled Last Descendants, the series will not be based on any specific game; rather, it will tell the story of Owen, a school-aged boy who finds himself in the middle of the feud between the Assassins and Templars. To save the day, he must go back in time to nab some relics. He’ll be traveling to 1960s-era New York and to the time of the Aztecs, so there’s definitely interesting scenery coming down the pipeline, and a lot of potential.

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Image Credit: Ubisoft

Kojima World Tour

Hideo Kojima’s next title will be big

Surprise, surprise, Hideo Kojima is going all out in his PS4-exclusive title. The legend himself has explained his approach to his next game in an interview with Polygon. He mentions that those close to him are the ones who convinced him not to go the indie route, and instead to focus on a big project.

“If the first project fails, we won’t have any future to speak of,” Kojima said about his first project after the messy Konami breakup. “So we are very focused on that. It’s a big scale game, so we’re being really careful. I was thinking in my first year out that I would make something indie, something small, maybe a game or a movie. But after talking with friends, acquaintances, and seeing what fans were saying, I was convinced that I should work on a big game.”

He also mentioned that it will not be a virtual reality game like so many have been speculating.

This isn’t surprising at all, considering his track record, but it’s still great news. I can’t wait to see what Kojima creates now that he’s  starting from scratch.

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Image Credit: Hideo Kojima

The Half-Life/Portal mashup you need

The cake is a lie…but is it really? This awesome mashup video by AndrewMFilms pits Half-Life‘s Gordon Freeman and Chell from Portal against each other in a battle for cake. Who wouldn’t fight over cake? The battle quickly heats up as Gordon uses his gravity gun, while Chell opts for her signature portal gun. Who will win this epic showdown? Peep the video above.

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quantum break

Quantum Break has gone gold

Creative Director of Quantum Break Sam Lake is celebrating the completion of their project with a giant bottle of champagne. He took to Twitter to share the great news. Take a gander at the tweet below.

For those who don’t know, “going gold” means the game is complete and it will be ready for its April 15 Xbox One and PC release date. Remedy Games has had a rough time recently because some Xbox fans were not happy that the title will also be coming to PC. However, now that those individuals have moved on from being angry about that nonsense, it’s time to get excited that we’ll soon be able to play this unique shooter. Keep in mind that this won’t be available on Steam, as it’s a Windows store exclusive.

Image Credit: Remedy Entertainment

What are you guys planning on playing in the next couple of days? Which games launching next week are you most interested in? Let us know in the comments below!

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