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HELLBOY Funko POPs Are Sure to Raise Heck

Better make space on your overstuffed shelves collectable fans because once again Funko is here to make you part with your hard earned cash. After Mean Girls, Big Bang Theory, Sons of Anarchy, and pretty much every other popular property you can think of, they’re returning to their sequential storytelling roots with a brand new line of Pops inspired by cult classic comic Hellboy. Just in time for the new Neil Marshall helmed version of Hell’s Hero, this collection delivers a whole bunch of Mignola-verse goodness for fans of Big Red and the BPRD.

From a chibi rendering of Big Red to a more deep cut cutie with New York’s pulp hero/vigilante Lobster Johnson, Funko is really gunning for Hell (fan)boys everywhere with this collection of classic characters.

Raised from the depths of Hell by occult-loving Nazis, Hellboy was saved and brought up by his adopted father Professor Broom and became the heroic red-hued hero we know and love. Hellboy purists are covered with this classic rendering of the Hell-Demon with heart, complete with his signature trench coat and beloved revolver, “The Samaritan.”

For the collectivists out there, Funko has delivered the Hellboy chase POP!, Hellboy with Horns. This vinyl rarity showcases Big Red with some Tim Curry-in-Legend style headgear, a fun bit of fan service for those who love the comics.

The B.P.R.D.’s on-again off-again leader and powerful pyrokinetic, Liz Sherman, discovered her unusual skillset at age 10 and was taken in by the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense after accidentally leveling a city block with her fiery powers. Liz has her flame on in this rendition and she’s not here for any of your nonsense.

Langdon Everett Caul was an occult hobbyist and Victorian scientist before his curiosity ended with him becoming an amphibian humanoid called an Icthyo Sapien, though you probably know him as Abe. Hellboy’s regular collaborator and B.P.R.D. colleague, Abe Sapien is ready for field duty in a new look straying slightly from his usual Creature From The Black Lagoon-looking glory.

A hero is nothing without good villains and Funko has delivered those too, including none other than Rasputin himself. With a new comic book announced at SDCC, this deathless wizard is looking like a cutesy Crowley complete with some sleek inverted pentagram robes.

The starring lady of the upcoming Hellboy film, the Blood Queen, also has her own POP! figure now and she’s killing it with her triple raven-headed crown and tiny little skull-bearing hands. Nimue (her real name) will likely be a huge part of the new movie so expect this to be a POPular choice.

A cult pulp hero from the comics, Lobster Johnson lived a secret double life as a real vigilante in 1930s New York. A sometime Nazi fighter and all time badass, Lobster is known for his violent tactics and ability to end paranormal threats. Looking sinister in his trademark goggles, Lobster Johnson is a must for hardcore Hellboy fans.

And for those who want their hellborn evil-fighters a little softer, Funko has also announced a range of Hellboy plushies. You can get Abe Sapien, a fiery-headed Liz Sherman, and Hellboy looking both BPRD-ready and Right Hand of Doomy (not a word).

With the movie on the way these couldn’t come at a better time. But which one will you be grabbing? And which of your beloved Hellboy characters did Funko not include? Hit up the comments and let us know!

Images: Funko

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