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Harry Houdini Takes on David Copperfield in New EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY

The fourth season of Epic Rap Battles of History continues this week with two of the greatest magicians going head-to-head!

In this video, Epic Rap Battles of History co-creator EpicLLYOD steps into the role of Harry Houdini, the world famous escape artist, stuntman, magician, occult debunker, and would-be Hollywood actor.

The other ERB co-creator, Nice Peter takes on the role of Houdini’s opponent, David Copperfield! Although Copperfield’s legend as an illusionist isn’t quite as revered as Houdini’s, he is one of the most financially successful magicians of all time. From 1977 to 2001, Copperfield defined magic for millions of fans in 20 TV specials.

Houdini may not have been a believer in the occult, but it seems fitting that he would return from beyond the veil to challenge his modern day rival in the ERB arena.

This video also features Lauren Francesca as Copperfield’s assistant, Josie Ahlquist as Bess Houdini, and Dante Cimadamore in a small cameo role that shouldn’t be spoiled. This ERB episode was written by EpicLLOYD, Nice Peter & Zach Sherwin; with direction by Nice Peter and Mike Betette.

If you want to see more Epic Rap Battles of History, there are still a few episodes coming up in the current season, and all of the previous episodes are still up on the ERB YouTube channel. The ERB crew is also going on tour this summer, starting with a concert in Los Angeles on Sunday, August 16, 2015. From there, ERB will drop into 29 other U.S. cities before going international with concerts in Belgium, Italy, The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, The Czech Republic, Austria, Spain, Poland, and France.

But first, it’s time to crown a winner in the battle between Houdini and Copperfield. Nerdist readers, it’s your call. Tell us who won in the comment section below!

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