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The Hodor Vs. Groot Rap Battle Is Exactly What We Think It Is

The pop culture rap battle is a lucrative genre for internet videos. While not every one of them may be earning people money, there is a plethora of characters, situations, and even historical figures to choose from in these rhythmic and lyrical throwdowns. We have brought you multiple videos from the likes of Whitney Avalon and Epic Rap Battles Of History, which have seen some wonderful matches from Disney princesses, Renaissance artists, scientists, TV protagonists, and Ghostbusters. Whoever it is facing off in these word wars, at least we know that we, the viewers, will come out as the winners.

Over on YouTube, the guys and gals of The Warp Zone have also thrown their rhymes into the ring for the rap battle game. The channel is known for their humor videos and music parodies based on nerd-friendly properties like The Walking Dead and League Of Legends. Now The Warp Zone offers what may be one of the most ridiculous ideas to ever grace the internet…and that is saying something. Hodor Vs. Groot in a rap battle video. Yes, the sidekick/servant from Game Of Thrones that can only say his name faces off against the Flora Colossus, from The Guardians Of The Galaxy, who’s vocabulary is limited to the phrase “I Am Groot.” Yes, this exactly how the rap battle goes. Lucky for us Rocket Racoon and Osha sing a chorus to keep up in the loop with the song. Think it is still too ridiculous? Try turning on the “Translation Lyrics” under the gear icon for the video to see just how lyrically gifted these two really are.

Leave a comment below to tell us who you think won, and be sure to check out more from The Warp Zone on their YouTube page.

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  1. Chad says:

    best rap battle ever!

  2. Noah says:

    They could’ve made Groot do an “I am Bru” catch phrase, although that is all he could say….never mind

  3. mark says:

    The chick on groot side dressed like rocket lets just say sbe could be a coon skin cap on my penis lol

  4. erreiP says:

    Groot spoke more in this battle than he did in the whole Guardians of the Galaxy movie…

  5. JenocydeBB says:

    Why wasn’t Steve from Borderlands not a 3rd contestant in this?

  6. Darklurkr23 says:

    I am Hodor

  7. Brye says:

    Props to these guys for memorizing these lines.

  8. Chole says:

    Groot definitely had more rhythm.

  9. Jmoreno says:

    Hey was the chick on groots side at nerd hq last year

  10. Moe says:


  11. tha says:

    I am Hodor!

  12. mindstream says:

    I am Groot, but Hodor. 

  13. Ken says:

    Because, really, if Hodor *did* speak with an American accent, imagine the impact on his dialog!

  14. Sam says:

    Let’s all take a moment to be grateful that Hodor doesn’t speak with an American accent in GoT

  15. Croft says:

    I hope Hodor leaves Groot alone now that this battle is over.

  16. billzebub says:

    As much as I love Groot, he didn’t have a root to stand on

  17. Adjel says:

    Hodor clearly won, although I was rooting for Groot.  🙁