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Disney Princesses Throw Down in an Epic Rap Battle

Disney Princesses know how to throw down a sick beat, and here’s the video to prove it. By the way, the lyrics are a bit explicit so maybe wait to share it with your Disney-loving kid sibling(s).

In case you were wondering what the best thing on the internet was going to be this fine Wednesday, this is clearly it: Millennial Disney Princesses vs. Classic Disney Princesses in the battle of the century. Elsa, Merida and Tiana go beat for beat against Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty to be the princess who reigns supreme. We simply can’t get enough. Whether they’re questioning the style choices of the other princesses, throwing their sisterly behavior under a bus, or comparing perfect singing voices to screeching, these ladies seem to have left their decorum back on the palace grounds. And while we don’t usually condone name-calling, these tough princesses seem to be giving as good as they’re getting.

We can’t decide if we love the sass or the back-up singers more. We gotta say though, we totally identify with one of Elsa’s parting shots. She sure is savvy, strong minded and single and don’t need no man to save the day. But is controlling ice and snow really that much better than talking to animals? Can you imagine how awesome it would be to ask your cat a question and get a straight answer? Then again, Elsa would come in pretty handy if the freezer broke and you didn’t want to waste all your frozen food.

The Disney Princess Rap Battle comes from the brilliant mind of Whitney Avalon. We cannot wait to see the follow up between Pocahontas and Mulan. BRING IT, LADIES!

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  1. Kid says:

    That’s very imipropriet for my kids try to changer the wirds a little bit. Please!

  2. Julie Jay says:

    Elsa is the beautiful Australian performer, Katja Glieson…she’s fabulous! I love this!

  3. Julie says:

    Julie Jay

  4. Julie says:

    Elsa is Katja Glieson a beautiful Australian performer. LOVE IT!

  5. sara says:

    i totally think this is awesome go ELSA

  6. alexis says:

    omg^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^…………………….but it so good

  7. Ben Jackson says:

    If anyone wants to know, Elsa is played by the amazing Australian Pop singer in Hollywood, Katja Glieson

  8. e. says:

    I thought it was one of the actual Epic Rap Battle Videos and was excited but its pretty clear snow isn’t a rapper and Elsa… well, she can kind of pull it off.  Not bad, but not the quality I was hoping for.

  9. Fantastic! Kudos to both of the lovely princesses. I dig a girl who can rap 🙂

  10. claire mileham says:

    that was awesome and i can’t believe that Elsa won wow

  11. max says:

    god forbid they let the black princess rap.

    • MasterChief says:

      omg dude. Do you really have to turn something into a race issue? :facepalm: Not everything is racist…maybe snow white will make you grumpy #2.. 

    • adiposediaries says:

      Dude really, it’s racist that she’s not rapping but if she was that would be racist too! come on!

    • Cauthon says:

      Exactly.  You’re the same person who’d get pissy if the black woman was rapping, saying that she was being stereotyped.

  12. shotoaboi says:

    plz continue to kill kids child hood

  13. Justin says:

    That was terrible

  14. John says:

    if elsa was really that how she couldn’t freeze sh*t

  15. schmoops says:

    Amusing, never been a fan of Frozen– but still fun to watch.

  16. Definitely not meant for young ears, and I don’t care for it either. 

  17. Glenn says:

    Prince Chaming vs.Prince Daniel

  18. Glenn says:

    Princess Arel vs Princess Yasmin

  19. Glenn says:

    Evil Queen vs.Good Queen

  20. Glenn says:

    Prince Chaming vs.Hook

  21. It bothers me that Elsa accuses Snow White of only caring about her looks. That wasn’t Snow White’s problem, that was the Evil Queen’s problem. The Evil Queen thought she was “the fairest of them all”, and she wanted Snow White dead after Snow White grew up to be prettier. Snow White did not TRY to be more beautiful than the Evil Queen, it just happened. I am 21 and I watched the classic Snow White movie over and over again on my VHS. Snow White herself is not vain. 

  22. No Thanks says:

    That was painful to watch

  23. Lady says:

    PLEASEEEE work with Epic Rap Battles of History!!!

  24. Holy moly I can’t wait to see more of these!

  25. taterparker says:

    Even if cats could talk you know they wouldn’t ever give straight answers.

  26. Chocolee says:

    The heck happened to Cinderella?

  27. EPIC RAP BATTLE OF oh nevermind….

  28. Mero says:

    Ice cold!shit Snowy, you just got Frozen! 

  29. Pretty obvious rip off of “Epic Rap Battles of History”.

    • the leaking pen says:

      and epic rap battles of history is a pretty obvious rip off of the street rap movement of the 80’s.  What’s your point?

    • Jen says:

      You’re one ditzy princess, I’m a mother fucking queen…. 

      Sorry…I think this is better than a lot of ERBOH videos!

  30. Well, it ain’t Peter & Lloyd, but it wasn’t half bad either. 🙂